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A little about Dogleg—and the guys behind it.
Hi, my name’s JT Hamman and I’m a graphic/web designer living here in the Atlanta metro area. Over the past three-four years, I’ve taken up a new hobby, disc golf—which is what this blog is all about. There are several disc golf courses around this area that I frequent regularly. As my passion for the sport grew, I decided to create this blog so that I could review some of my favorites courses, discs, and other disc golf related info. Then I thought, why just let this be me sharing stuff? That was crazy. I wanted to open it up to all of my disc golf buddies, friends and other DG enthusiasts with the intentions of perhaps one day this becoming something bigger and greater.The majority of us here at Dogleg, now close friends, all started playing disc golf together after an eventful bachelor party trip down to New Orleans. Who plays disc golf on a bachelor party you might ask? We did of course—not to mention playing the morning of the wedding with the groom-to-be, my good friend Tim. Out of that group, Tim, Jason and I were the only ones that had ever played before. There were six of us that went and the others soon fell in love with the game as much as we had. This blog was inspired after that trip to help us keep closely in touch with one another and share round stories from across several states. Dogleg Disc Golf blog’s members currently reside in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and Texas. We’re always looking for new contributors!

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Meet some of Dogleg Disc Golf’s contributors.
Listed alphabetically.

Name: Jeremiah Blackmon (aka AlphaGenerator)
Resides: Birmingham, AL
Home Course: George Ward
Favorite Course(s): Trophy Lakes Disc Golf Course Charleston, South Carolina
Favorite Discs: Gummy Valk
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Name: Jason Carson (aka carsonce)
Resides: Houston, TX
Home Course: TC Jester
Favorite Course(s): Varies from week to week.
Favorite Discs: Hands down 175g Valkyrie and 174g Roc
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Name: Joe Cone (aka mojoe4u)
Resides: Hoover, AL
Home Course:
Favorite Course(s): North Jasper Park & Glen Ward
Favorite Discs: Champion Monarch and Dragon, Pig
Hobbies: Decorative yet utilitarian fanny packs and southwestern motif shirts featuring coyotes with lightning bolts.
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Name: Emily Fry (aka MLeeFry)
Resides: Columbia/St. Louis, MO
Home Course: Oakland Park
Favorite Course(s):
Favorite Discs: 143g Starlight Roadrunner, Z Buzzz, Magic
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Name: JT Hamman (aka randomtiz)
Resides: Canton, GA
Home Course: Sequoyah Park
Favorite Course(s): White Oak, Wills Park, or Conifer Park/Beaver Ranch (Colorado)
Favorite Discs: 171g Pro Katana, 172g Champion Boss, 174g Discraft Zombee, MVP Vector and 171g DX Leopard
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Name: Justin Hicks (aka themightyscagg)
Resides: Canton, GA
Home Course: Sequoyah Park
Favorite Course(s):
Favorite Discs: Starfire
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Name: Stephen Robertson (aka curly2284)
Resides: Jasper, AL
PDGA #: 49213
Home Course: North Jasper Park and/or George Ward
Favorite Course(s): Trophy Lakes Disc Golf Charleston, South Carolina
Favorite Discs: 173g champion leopard, 175 star roadrunner, 170 champion dyed beast, 175 echo star dart
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Name: Tim Phillips (aka holeinone08)
Resides: Houston, TX
Home Course:
Favorite Course(s):
Favorite Discs:
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Name: Destin Walch
Resides: Marietta, GA
Home Course: Hudson Mills Monster (Ann Arbor, MI)
Favorite Course(s): Riverhead Disc Golf Course (Martha’s Vineyard, MA), Legacy Disc Golf Course
Favorite Discs: Discraft Zombee, Innova Blizzard Wraith, Discraft Stalker
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  2. Robert Sanchez

    I’m new to dogleg discgolf but I wanted to know how I could get the telescopic pole. The one that condense to 24″ and extends to almost 5′. Not the tent pole!

    August 13, 2017 at 3:02 pm

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