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3 Guys, 2 Courses and an Ascot (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by mojoe4u

It began as a rendezvous at the Jack’s Truck Stop and Western Wear parking lot in Good Hope, AL.  The plan: meet up with Jeremiah and Stephen, head to Sparkman Park in Hartselle, maybe grab a bite to eat and be back before lunch.  Plans are subject to change.

I can only make it two plates into the breakfast buffet at Jacks before I have to throw in the towel; looks like it’s time to head to Hartselle.  Thirty minutes later, we pull into the deserted parking lot adjacent to some baseball fields and it is already smoldering outside; it’s not even noon.  Four holes into the course and drastic times call for drastic measures – I rocked an ascot.  My standard attire usually consists of a Grateful Dead bandana, sweat band on the wrist, Sperry’s, collared shirt and comfortable shorts.  However, it looks like I may have just added a little flavor to the usual ensemble from here on out.  Beware.

This is the first time any of us had ventured to the Sparkman Park and overall I was not impressed.  The ongoing premise shared by all is that it would be a good practice/home course but definitely not somewhere to drive out of your way to.


  • Concrete tee boxes – made every drive a pleasure
  • Bathroom on site (and not a portable one – wow)
  • Easy to locate discs
  • Lack of poison oak
  • Not many obstacles to throw around (trees, shrubs, etc.)


  • No signs for the majority of the tee boxes
  • Baskets were not numbered
  • Due to the prior two bullets, we were unable to find the last three holes – only played thru 15
  • There was a lot of trash – this was probably due in part to the close proximity of the parking lot, baseball fields and local school

We left Hartselle and I felt incomplete.  The course didn’t meet my expectations and we hadn’t played 18.  Jeremiah and Stephen had already planned to play at least 1 course in Huntsville that they had not played on their last visit.

Count me in.

– Joe

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