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Discraft Nuke SS for Sale/Trade ($11)

Posted by randomtiz

This Discraft Nuke SS Z-line 174g Disc is nearly a brand NEW disc. I’ve literally only thrown it a handful of times. It is a Z-line model plastic which means it’s the most durable, has truer flights, and last 2-3 times longer than other discs. This disc is great for beginning players because it allows you to get the distance of much more advanced players with less power. It hooks a lil much at slow speeds for my taste, but it must just be how I throw. I’ve got a few friends that love Nukes. This high-vis yellow Nuke SS has no dings at all. It has a minor surface scratch on underside of rim and has some ink on the back. The stamp on top is perfectly intact. Great disc. It says it’s a 174g and I’d rate its condition as 5/5.

I’m willing to trade this disc as well. I’m looking for brightly colored Innova Pro Katanas between 167-172g weight. Let me know!

Condition description:
5 = Nearly perfect (only thrown a few times)
4 = Very lightly used (One or two minor dings or scuffs)
3 = Normal used (normal amount of dings or surface scuffs, will look like most discs people have in their bag).
2 = Moderately Used (a couple larger dings/scratches and/or a slight misshape)
1 = Heavily Used (disc has seen a lot of use but still has some life left in it)


Discraft Nuke SS

Discraft Nuke SS 174g

Put Up Your Nukes [Reviews]

Posted by randomtiz

Where’s Jeremiah at on these boards? Haha. Jeremiah, tell me about this NukeSS you have. I thought I remembered you having one that day we all played at George Ward. I need a couple more good backhand drivers to try out and was wanting to get your thoughts. How does the NukeSS compare to the AvengerSS for those of you that have thrown them? I’ve only been throwing Innova now, but wanted to maybe branch out and try some Discrafts.

Speaking of missing, where’s ol’ buddy ol’ Carson? He disappeared quicker than Stephen’s Star Beast as it trailed off into the sunset atop George Ward’s jungle canopy that day. Now lets hear it from the Dogleg Texan crew.

DG this weekend! If I don’t get nuked by this GA heat.



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