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Dogleg Biz Card Update:

Posted by randomtiz

Hey all! I’ve done some research and now have some pricing options for us on the biz cards. Originally I had the idea of just keeping them generic and buying in bulk to give out to you guys. Then Joe shot me an email and wanted to know if we could do personalized ones, and yes of course! If anybody wants the generic ones (seen in previous post), I’ll pick up the cost of those no problem. But if you would like a personalized one with your name on it, I can have them made for ya if you can cover the additional costs.

The quantity I’ll leave up to you. But as you can see below, it’s only about $2-3 more to double the amount. Well worth it in my opinion! My recommendation would be going with a higher quantity for this reason–if you run out, it’ll cost ya at least another $15 for the smallest amount. But if you order more up front, you get a ton more for just a few extra bucks.

Please let me know if you would like a personalized one or just want the generic. If so, let me know how many you want. If you go with the personalized option, I will shoot ya a proof of how it will look. I’ve bought these matte finish ones before and they have a nice finish to them. The glossy ones ding easier and show lots of fingerprints.

Pricing Options:
100x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $14.49
250x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $16.02
500x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $19.32
1000x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $21.74
2500x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $30.12
*All prices above do not reflect shipping costs.

I would like to get these ordered hopefully within the next 2 weeks, so the sooner you let me know the better, thanks! Then you can hand these out like hotcakes!


New Dogleg Biz Card Concept

Posted by randomtiz

I know I mentioned to a few of you that I was wanting to get some Dogleg business cards made. I’m thinking about getting 1000 of these printed up and distributing them amongst you guys to then hand out. So this is what I came up with over the weekend. The top image would be the front of the card, and the bottom would be the back. I’m thinking full color on the front and possibly just black/white on the back as opposed to full color–depending on the price difference.

What do you guys think? Do you think it has enough info on it? Should I add anything else?


Front and Back concept for the biz card


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