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Blame It On The ‘Shine

Posted by mojoe4u

As much as I would like to use the peppy yet upbeat lyrics from Milli Vanilli’s “Blame it on the Rain”, it just can’t happen.  I won’t let it; the rain isn’t to blame – only the crystal-clear, head-splitting, vomit-causing disaster known as ‘shine.  This is only a precursor for later in the story, so let’s take a recap of the weekend.

Friday evening rolls around and I’m off to meet Jeremiah at George Ward.  Stuck in traffic and 30 minutes late I finally roll into the parking lot with a handful of tall boys and an enthusiastic demeanor.  Unfortunately neither lasted very long; some d-bag intent on crushing my short-lived hopes and dreams found it amusing to change the pin location on every hole.  Even though Jeremiah and myself finished with our personal course bests (9 and 21 over respectively), I still found it necessary to mumble a steady stream of unsavory words from hole to hole.  On a side note, this was the first time to play disc golf without Stephen at my side.  And if you’re wondering, the answer is yes – I did find it a bit unsettling but still managed to pull through albeit slightly distraught.

Saturday evening and I’ve just finished a landscaping job – off to George Ward again.  I show up on time but look and smell like a prostitute from the Wild West; covered in a mulch/topsoil/funk mixture from head to toe as well an unsavory sour smell that has stayed with me since the job site.  I love it.  Stephen and Jeremiah show up shortly and the pre-game at the trunk begins; a touch of the ‘shine and BL Lime as a chaser.   Tip, sip, swallow, burn, burn, burn, repeat.  Off to a good start and my cursing from yesterday resumes though only for every other hole since I actually know where the pin locations are this time.   We were able to witness a block party going on in the parking lot and outdoor sheds beginning on #15 thru #17 that had deep bass tracks reverberating throughout the whole park.  We also saw a younger fellow under the influence of something other alcohol lose track of his disc after it hit a tree directly ahead of him, 10 yards away on #1 tee.  Good times.  At the end of the day, I finished 22 over while Stephen rocked out with a 9 over.  Perhaps the secret to his success (and maybe my demise) was the sweat producing/intestinal burning/pore permeating hooch?

– joe

Dressed to Impress

Posted by mojoe4u

Note to self:  always have a spare set of clothing on hand.  You may drive a Wrangler and the clothing will probably become moldy and foul-smelling after a short length of time, but at least have the option.   I also came to a harsh realization after playing on Sunday evening; much to my amazement and utter disbelief, it is not always awe-inspiring to have your rugged chest hair exposed.  Why you ask?  Because the whole time you’re traipsing around the course looking like some d-bag in a JC Penney advertisement, you’re thinking about that undershirt you could have worn during the wedding and then later be clad in it as your outer garment the following day.  Case in point – Captain Awesome is wearing the striped button up with khakis followed by some thick-soled Wellingtons and played two courses in this ensemble.  At least I left the jacket in the vehicle.  I love it.

Prior to playing this day (third time I’ve played), the only discs in my possession were 2 drivers.  Wish I could have played them but unfortunately they were at home with my spare clothing.

Course #1 after the wedding was at Civitan Park (John LeMaster DGC) in Trussville including Tim, Jason, JT, Stephen and me.  This was the third time for me to play and first time to play this course.  Due to different departure times, only 12 of these holes were conquered.  I really enjoyed this course because it didn’t seem heavily populated thus making it more convenient by not having anyone needing to play through.  Seriously, I think there were maybe a dozen people there at most including ourselves (especially on a nice afternoon – weird).  This course boasted a wide assortment of flora that included a robust amount of poison oak; be careful picking up your disc and try to hold that deuce until you get back to civilization.   So what did I learn about this course you may ask?  Out of the holes we did play, #2 was a heart/leg breaker – if you don’t fall on the rocks or fling a disc in the privet/poison oak medley then you must be a straight up champ.  It is also a good idea to watch out for people chillin’ in or around the shores of the Cahaba on #6 thru #11.  We may have been witnesses to a baptism.  With my aim it is only a matter of time until someone inadvertently places themselves into my line of fire.  Overall this course was fun as hell and would really like play it again at a later date.  Much appreciation to Stephen and Jason – I can now play a game without having a driver as the only disc – Thanks guys!

Course #2 after the wedding was at George Ward Park in Birmingham with Stephen, Jeremiah and me.  This was my second time to play this course and fourth time to play.  We not only played 18 but also the ‘extra’ 6 between #14 & #15.   I had a 76 at the end of the 18 not counting A thru F.  Sweet action.  This course is great to play but can get rather crowded – at least there are some patient folks in this ‘neck of the woods’ that are able to put up with my driving shenanigans and not send a disc in the direction of my face like I am mistakenly doing to players on other holes.

Greg Carter Memorial DGC next – nice. . . . . .I am also up to 5 discs – score. . . .

I had a great time catching up with everyone this weekend and hope we can do it all again soon – Vegas anyone?

– joe

Yay! Finally joined!

Posted by carsonce

Guys, I had a blast yesterday, despite my terrible putting yet again.

I got home last night and I had a package from with my new bag and 4 new discs.  I’m hoping my new voodoo ss (putter number 4) will be the difference maker.


“Im in love with a…….. Leopard?”

Posted by curly2284

Im relatively new to the game of disc golf. So I have just recently got comfortable with my swing and controlling my throws. But the one thing I have noticed with myself and others if you are comfortable with a disc you generally are a better golfer. My Innova leopard is that disc. It is the only disc in my collection that I can grab and throw. As soon as it leaves my hand I know exactly where its going. The confidence that gives you cant be summed up in words.

I now own three leopards. Thats right T H R E E.  I have the first leopard I bought, which was a 175 dx. This is the disc that started it. In the beginning it was the only disc that I could throw straight. My new favorite is a 169 champion leopard. With it if I am less than 220 feet its getting thrown. I usually and pretty dang close with it. This is also the only disc that I can hyzer or anhyzer on command. For a backhanded newb thats saying alot. My newest is a 171 star leopard, I love the feel of it but I havnt actually played with it. Thats gonna happen very shortly though cant wait to get out with it.

If you dont have a leopard in your bag I suggest borrowing from a buddy or go out and by one and throw it around youll be happy with it. Then you could be hitting 80 ft birdy shots like tiz.


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