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Rapid Fire Post Week

Posted by randomtiz

Hello all!

Good grief, we sure owe all of our fans/visitors new content. It has been some time since our last post. And let me tell you, LOTS of good stuff and our disc golf trips/events have happened in the several weeks the blog went silent. I know here at Dogleg, we’ve been extremely busy the past month or two just with our regular lives outside of disc golf. But I can promise you guys, we’re about to start spitting out some new posts here these next two weeks.

You guys deserve it. I know we’re still getting decent traffic in our “down” time, but we want to provide you guys with more content. Fresh content. Last week we brought on a new friend to the Dogleg blog who we’ve gotten a chance to play a few rounds with these past two weeks. Cool dude and loves some disc golf! I’m looking forward to what he can bring to the blog.

I’m going to try my best to write a post a day for a week straight. Yes. So come back and check it out! I also highly encourage you guys–our readers–to comment and let us know what you’d like to read more of. Hey, if you enjoy writing, love disc golf and would like to contribute, please drop us a line at to let us know!

Here’s a snippet of what you might can expect to roll out in the next few days [in no particular order].
-North Jasper Park Inaugural Ace Race Review
-Alpharetta’s Will’s Park Review/Dogshow Fiasco
-Urban Atlanta’s Perkerson Park Review
-Mancation 2012: Denver – Highlights, Reviews and Pics
-Canton’s Sequoyah DG Recap
-Discraft’s Titanium Plastic
-Halloween Tournament
-Kennesaw’s Legacy Park Review
-Advice on Discs
-Disc Trade
& possibly more!


Wanna go to Indigo?

Posted by mojoe4u

I haven’t posted in a while due to the fact that other than league night on Wednesdays at George Ward, I haven’t played that many different courses lately.  This post is long overdue for the course and this could be a blessing in disguise that I’ve waited such a long time to recollect my experiences in a nutshell.  On my first two trips to this park I was accompanied by Tony Sanders – props to him for giving me valuable insight into a straighter drive with added distance.

The course = brutally awesome

The park = sketch


  • Coming together quickly for such a new course due to the efforts of volunteers associated with DGB – great job guys!
  • Great layout with an intimidating first hole
  • Very scenic hike – can even catch a glimpse of a rusted out car hull from the 50’s
  • Tee pads are poured concrete
  • For such a heavily wooded area, poison ivy is contained to the perimeter
  • Gate at front entrance – doesn’t go anywhere but looks cool
  • Amateur and pro pads – diggin’ this even though not playing pro pads

Sketch/This sucks/Why is this happening to me

  • Got into chiggers – left and right legs from knee down covered
  • Weird hiker on course
  • Called a friend in the medical industry about the empty packets I found on the course  and apparently it is similar to methadone – sketch
  • Stung on right jaw bone by yellow jacket on hole #18
  • No trash cans on course or parking lot area
  • Slow drive bys in parking lot
  • Found a shoe and backpack off gully on right side of #1 – don’t need a ‘Stand By Me’ moment
  • Pulled tick off stomach and got a slight infection on the area it attached
  • People sitting and/or sleeping in their cars at park entrance – because I normally like to pull my vehicle into a city park’s parking lot to catch a little shut-eye
  • Traffic coming in and out of Lake Heather’s gated access for boats

Keep in mind that for beginners looking to have an enriching first time to play disc golf, this is not the place for such an experience.   Out of the local courses, George Ward is still the best place to take people new to the sport due to:  chill folks playing, easy walk, not difficult keeping up with your disc and most importantly, Tom is there.  For those that haven’t met Tom, you are definitely missing out on affordable merchandise (discs, accessories, etc.) and solid advice.

Four of the Dogleg crew (including myself) returned from Denver this past Monday.  Stay posted for some stories on this adventure.


Katanas Don’t Slice through Trees

Posted by randomtiz

…Only if they could. This month has been compromised of two of the worst rounds of disc golf I’ve ever had. I’ve lost my two best drivers (Katanas) about two weeks ago and almost lost a third this evening. All on the same two holes.

Patience is key in disc golf; I’ve so learned wholeheartedly these past few weeks. After I get off work, I only have a mere hour and a half before sunset. Time is of the essence.

Upon arriving at the course I notice a larger group already on Hole 1. I play fast. It’s not always that a slower group has the courtesy to ask if you’d like to play through. Mistake #1, not asking them first. So, with the sun’s descent ticking, I jump to #13, the back 6–Sequoyah’s “Gauntlet”–to jump ahead. Mistake #2.

First throw, BAM. Blow to near tree less than 30 yards away. Ok, let’s call that practice. Next throw, tree limbs. Roughly same distance but lands on gravel fairway. I’ll have to take that. Bogey that hole. Next hole, teeing off over pond. Par shot threw down to basket 5 ft lower than from where I’m standing. Overshoot, damn, bogey. +2 after 2…awesome.

#15. Super fast drive level drive. Brand-new Katana smashes into tree in middle of fairway. Sure didn’t slice it… Ricochets way off course into deep, marshy ravine. Search Party. Mistake #3, playing solo. I search high and low, through knee-high weeds, spiderwebs, and inches of mosquito-infested mud. I’m not seeing it. It’s brand new. No disc left behind. I keep surveying and replaying my throw from the vantage point of the tee pad, carefully calculating the elevation, spin speed and degree at which it could have possibly ricocheted off. I kept telling myself, “If I find this, I’ll quit. Just let me find it.” After 40 some odd minutes, sweaty, bugs in hair, half soaked shoes…I see it. A glimmer of the yellow neon peaking through the weeds, half buried into the mud halfway out into the marshy creekbed. Holy crap there it was. So I reached for it with a stick, grabbed my gear, and walked away. 2.5 holes. 1 hour later.


Do you see it?

Robbed from the DGB forum….

Posted by alphagenerator


Champion Clinic/Doubles – Sunday, July 8, 1:00 PM

Join Disc Golf Birmingham and Innova Champion Discs as they host the DGB edition of Champion Clinic/Doubles.

3X Women’s World and U.S. Champion, Des Reading
4X Putting and Doubles World Champion, Jay Reading
Sunday, July 8 @ George Ward Disc Golf Course
FREE Skills Clinic for all skill levels 1:00 – 2:15

Optional Random Draw Doubles afterward 
$10 Buy In with 100+% payout in cool custom merch from around the country 
Includes Ace Prizes, CTP, and Farthest Putt 

Jay is celebrating his 4th Putting World Title in a row and will have exclusive Custom 4X Yeti Pro Aviars by Nevada artist Skot Meyer.

Des has very limited 2012 Innova Champion Team Star discs available.
Come out to the park on Sunday and join us for the fun!


Fantasy Disc Golf?!

Posted by alphagenerator

Below is a link to play fantasy disc golf.  I will create a league for use to compete in, if there is enough interest.   Hit me up if you want to join… its free!

Rocket City Blast!

Posted by alphagenerator

Below may be a great chance for all of us to get together and play this month.   Two days 4 courses over Memorial Day weekend in Huntsville, AL…. Tim this may be a good reason for you to come into town to “visit” the in laws.  =)

The Arsenal will be part of the series!  Let me know if you plan on making the trip.


The Rocket City Blast, hosted by the Rocket City Chain Gang, will be held on May 26th & 27th covering four courses. For your disc golf pleasure, the field will play Monte Sano, Brahan Springs, Mastin Lake, and Redstone Arsenal.

This event will be PDGA sanctioned as C-Tier for Pros & B-Tier for AMs with a minimum of 120% paid out to AMs.

Sponsorships will be in more detail later but, as a preliminary, hole sponsorship will be offered at each course for $25 each, which will include a personalized sign and a select disc. The sponsorship can be designated to your field of choice (pro, adv, int, ect). On a side note, if a title sponsor wishes to donate the required amount of money, then the sanctioning can bump to the next tier (ie if someone sponsors $500 to Pro, then it will become a B-tier).

I’ll have more information soon. Questions/Comments are welcomed.

Blizzard Champion Discs: Floating the Idea

Posted by randomtiz

I was recently in Play It Again Sports the other week when I happened to come across a handful of a new plastic type from Innova. Very brightly colored I had to pick one up to see what it was. To my surprise it was extremely light and felt like I was lifting air. I had never seen or heard of these Blizzard Champion discs before. I asked the guy at the front desk and he was telling me they had just received a large shipment of them from Innova and that it was some of their latest technology. With that being about all he knew about them, I had to do some research.

I asked around and have heard nothing but good things about them from a few locals and friends. This latest technology incorporates tiny “microbubbles” into the plastic for a much lower weight and higher speed. These discs range as low as 130g to 150+g. I like the concept of these lighter discs and that they’ll float on water as well. That’ll help build my confidence on windy days throwing across the pond on White Oak #17 for sure. I haven’t bought one (or three) yet, but I’ve got my eye on them. Just trying to find out a bit more about them and hear from you guys, our visitors on what you think about them. My fav driver to throw is a Katana ~172g to throw. I throw pretty hard so I’m not sure how these much lighter Blizzard Champion Katanas would do. I’m willing to give it a try, but want to know more. From looking online and on Innova’s site I did come across the vid of David Wiggins New World Record Distance launch of 836′ with a Blizzard Champion Boss, dannnng son!

Here’s what I’m looking for-
-Have you thrown one of these Blizzard Champions yet? If so, which one(s)?
-What are your thoughts on them?
-Do you recommend them?
-How do they hold up to wind?
-Do you find yourself overpowering these lightweight discs?


Flyboy is going away

Posted by alphagenerator

Kelly is out of the private disc golf course business now.   Flyboy has been completely pulled from

Good thing we got a round in when we did….   Below is Kelly’s departing message.



Farewell to FlyBoy…kind of.


Flying off into the DGCR sunset

5+ 1/16/2012 1/17/2012Review By: Flyboy
Played: 2 Reviewed: 2 Exp: 11.8 Years

3 Helpful / 0 Not

Pros: It’s right in my back yard…it kinda is my back yard.

Cons: Life is way too short!

Other Thoughts: Flyboy’s my baby. I brought it into existence, so I’ll admit up front, this review is biased, maybe even self-serving. I don’t claim to be a course designer. Chuck, Dave, and the other course design Gurus out there…respect…I realize Flyboy has some mathematical design flaws. But I’ve been lucky to play more than my fair share of courses around the world, and can honestly say that Flyboy rewards excellence and punishes mediocrity like no other disc golf course I know. It’s challenging but fair, and demands focus and execution the entire 3 to 5 hour round to score well. Slack off and the course will spank you pretty hard on the score card, and confiscate your plastic if you don’t learn how to use it. The best compliment I get out here is when golfers tell me that my course made them learn something and helped improve their game. I’ve done my job.

The thing I like most about the place is how it makes me feel, plain and simple. Flyboy has soul, and there’s no math in that. After hundreds of rounds on Flyboy, my fun-meter still gets pegged every time I go up against that Bia! My heart still literally pounds when I step up to the 3,4,5,6,9,14,15,25 tee pads, hoping that I’m worthy of those holes that day, because if I’m not, one of my troopers may not make it home. I still tear up a little when I turn the corner from 2’s basket and step into the scenic splendor of hole 3. Can’t wait for the grins to appear when my first-time Flyboy guests spy the giant ants on 7, the freaky faces in 13’s wise old tree of dg, the little Screech Owl by 17’s basket, Mom’s excellent ham sandwich lunch after 21, the Flyboy country store on 23…..alright already! I love the place, OK? It makes me feel good. I’m spoiled and biased, I admit it.

So yep, I gave my own course a 5 disc rating. Tacky right? Eh, who cares, it’s Flyboy’s last DGCR review.

This has been a hell of a run for me! My little back yard course sprouting up from a single putting basket, to the highest rated disc golf course on DGCR. Getting to know and throw with the biggest names in the sport, hosting players from all walks of life from all over the world at my little corner of the universe….I really can’t call it a dream come true, because I never could have dreamed it!

Creating Flyboy Aviation has been the most fun and rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life, (well, aside from flying around with my hair on fire in a fighter jet) and I have to say, hanging with you guys has been the best part of it all….some of the finest people I’ve ever met, and you’ll always be welcome at Flyboy. Thank you Tim and DGCR for sending these folks my way. Lillian, Wayne, Brad, and I have tried our best to live up to the course reviews, and treat our guests to the disc golf experience of a lifetime they came here for. It’s been an honor for us.

I originally listed Flyboy on DGCR because I enjoy the camaraderie and social aspect of our sport, and hoped a few folks might occasionally drop in and shoot a round with me. I never anticipated the awesome power of this incredible website, and the resulting stampede of players headed my way once Flyboy rose through the DGCR ranks! I had no idea what I was in for, but I’ve loved every minute of the ride. Unfortunately, the ole demand has outstripped the ole supply of this back yard hobby operation. Great news if your aim is to expand operations and grow. I need to shrink to survive.

So reluctantly, I’ve asked Tim to remove Flyboy Aviation from the DGCR course list. There are several reasons for this, but mostly, I’m just tired. No one ever told me building, maintaining, and operating your own private disc golf venue was a full-time job, but trust me, here at least, it is. I think I’ve spent more time in the saddle of my Kabota the last few years, grooming the course, than I did in my Boeing 777, and believe me the 777 pays better. Don’t get me wrong, this has all been a labor of love, and I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish with my little Flyboy Aviation science project. As I grow older though, I find that time becomes the precious commodity in life. Family time is most precious, and shouldn’t be sacrificed. Unfortunately, I can’t quit my day job flying jets to find the extra time required to run Flyboy Aviation the way I feel the top disc golf venue in the world should be run. So there you have it.

Being off the course list will take some pressure off, and buy me some time. Family time, and time to try going down a different ski slope or two before I get too darn old. Think little flying robots with gyro stabilized HD video cameras, bringing disc golf to the world in a way it’s never been seen before. Think I’m kidding? We’re already on it. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for the last third of my life, and I don’t intend to spend that precious time sitting on a tractor (although I’ll admit, that’s when I do some of my best thinking, and I do love the smell of diesel fuel in the morning).

I’ll be passing the #1 baton back to Flip City from whence it came. I guess I’ve held it long enough, and if anyone deserves it, Bill does. There are new sensational pay-for-play courses coming on line at a rapid pace, and I’m heartened by my experience with Flyboy Aviation, that these private venues will be the successful and profitable future of our sport. My humble suggestion is that we embrace and nurture them.

Finally, the 64,000 dollar question: what will become of Flyboy Aviation? Well, it’s not going anywhere. My fellow disc golf road warriors are always welcome here as my personal guests, when my schedule allows me to join them. Hey, I still love the game as much as ever, and look forward to throwing Flyboy with my local Buds and our occasional out-of-town guests….until I’m just too decrepit to throw anymore. “Disc golf or die!”

Flyboy Aviation

Dogleg products

Posted by curly2284

Alright guys I got the printshop up and running as soon as jt gets me the designs im gonna get some shirts printed up and also gonna do some embroidery on collared shirts for us as well.

Flyboy Saturday Dec 31st at 10 AM

Posted by alphagenerator

I have a 10 AM tee time at Flyboy in Whitesburg, GA on Saturday Dec 31.  Me and Stephen are the only two committed so far. Tee times are scarce to come by, so don’t pass up this opportunity to play the highest rated course in the world!

Let me or Stephen know if you decide to join. I need to give a head count prior to showing up.


Jasper record -5….. Witnessed!

Posted by alphagenerator

Oh yeah, this guy scored – 5 this past weekend at the North Jasper Park.    I know its been unbearably hot recently, but we really need to schedule a dogleg tourney or something to get this off the ground.

I am an official PDGA  member after the small contribution.  With that being said, now we can put together a team for local tournament play.   There are 2 being held in bham towards the end of September.   Let me know if anyone wants to go with.

Once our co-founder gets his home remodel done over the next week or so, then we will get some more products ordered.


Last Week’s GA Recap

Posted by randomtiz

I was fortunate enough to beat the heat and make it out to a course two days straight last week. It had almost been a full week and I’d started to have major disc golf withdrawals. I need my DG fix at least ONCE a week. It keeps me sane I guess. JK, but really.

Part I—Sequoyah Park (Canton, GA).
Tuesday was the first day last week that Chad and I headed out to play. This time, to Sequoyah Park. I’d played there a few times before, but Chad had never been. Sequoyah’s a little longer drive from here than our ‘home’ course of Oregon Park, but to me it’s worth that extra 10 min. Reason being, there’s hardly a soul that plays Sequoyah late during the week—at least lately. Oregon Park sets in the front of a large park complex and next to a seemingly, sumptuous neighborhood. Which means it has lots of traffic and park enthusiasts that roam the newly renovated course’s green hills. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new layout, but it’s the frequent overcrowding and awaiting large groups ahead to play on that gets me. Oregon Park is a very popular course indeed. With two sets of teepads and baskets per hole, get ready to deal with the possibility of other groups playing your same hole from the other set of tees. Heads up, some back teepads may be blind to the front set. I tend to play fast and it burns me when you trail larger groups for several holes and they never bother to let you play through. Disc golf is a fun and relaxing sport, yes, but seriously. Have respect for those smaller groups and the “Speedy Gonzales” out there that may just want to play through. Sorry, I digress.

ANYWAYS, we arrive and hit the course immediately. No other groups in sight, score! I nailed much of the round until the last four holes… My best round here prior was +11. I was shooting only +3 after 14 holes! Then on #15, I proceeded to triple bogey, double, then bogey, bogey. WTH. I added another 7 strokes in the last 4 holes! I couldn’t believe it. Arhg this was not good, but I still managed to finish my best yet there at +10. Chad did a heck of a lot better on the back 9 than I did, finishing out at +17.

Let me tell you, Sequoyah is rough once the sun starts to set—mostly wooded holes, thick canopies and tall grass. We had several search parties that killed daylight playing time. I need more brightly colored discs for sure.

Part II—Oregon Park (Marietta, GA).
Wednesday rolls around and Chad and I take to the course again. This time back to our home course, with Justin. Justin and I play Oregon all the time, but this would be his first since its renovation. A fun, great round altogether, we all 3 stayed neck-to-neck for much of the round. I flubbed off deep into the ‘jungle brush’ on a wayward forehand shot on #5 which left me double-bogeying that debacle. Justin ching’d a few 25+ ft shots that helped put him in the lead towards the end. Justin and Chad ended up both finishing out at -2, while I finished E. Great game to both of them—Justin’s third consecutive round beating me Haha. Time to do work this week.

3 Guys, 2 Courses and an Ascot (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by mojoe4u

It began as a rendezvous at the Jack’s Truck Stop and Western Wear parking lot in Good Hope, AL.  The plan: meet up with Jeremiah and Stephen, head to Sparkman Park in Hartselle, maybe grab a bite to eat and be back before lunch.  Plans are subject to change.

I can only make it two plates into the breakfast buffet at Jacks before I have to throw in the towel; looks like it’s time to head to Hartselle.  Thirty minutes later, we pull into the deserted parking lot adjacent to some baseball fields and it is already smoldering outside; it’s not even noon.  Four holes into the course and drastic times call for drastic measures – I rocked an ascot.  My standard attire usually consists of a Grateful Dead bandana, sweat band on the wrist, Sperry’s, collared shirt and comfortable shorts.  However, it looks like I may have just added a little flavor to the usual ensemble from here on out.  Beware.

This is the first time any of us had ventured to the Sparkman Park and overall I was not impressed.  The ongoing premise shared by all is that it would be a good practice/home course but definitely not somewhere to drive out of your way to.


  • Concrete tee boxes – made every drive a pleasure
  • Bathroom on site (and not a portable one – wow)
  • Easy to locate discs
  • Lack of poison oak
  • Not many obstacles to throw around (trees, shrubs, etc.)


  • No signs for the majority of the tee boxes
  • Baskets were not numbered
  • Due to the prior two bullets, we were unable to find the last three holes – only played thru 15
  • There was a lot of trash – this was probably due in part to the close proximity of the parking lot, baseball fields and local school

We left Hartselle and I felt incomplete.  The course didn’t meet my expectations and we hadn’t played 18.  Jeremiah and Stephen had already planned to play at least 1 course in Huntsville that they had not played on their last visit.

Count me in.

– Joe

Put Up Your Nukes [Reviews]

Posted by randomtiz

Where’s Jeremiah at on these boards? Haha. Jeremiah, tell me about this NukeSS you have. I thought I remembered you having one that day we all played at George Ward. I need a couple more good backhand drivers to try out and was wanting to get your thoughts. How does the NukeSS compare to the AvengerSS for those of you that have thrown them? I’ve only been throwing Innova now, but wanted to maybe branch out and try some Discrafts.

Speaking of missing, where’s ol’ buddy ol’ Carson? He disappeared quicker than Stephen’s Star Beast as it trailed off into the sunset atop George Ward’s jungle canopy that day. Now lets hear it from the Dogleg Texan crew.

DG this weekend! If I don’t get nuked by this GA heat.


It’s official …

Posted by curly2284

Well I finally made it official. I am now an active member of the pdga. My pdga number is 49213. For anybody wondering it is super easy to get. Fill out the form online takes 10 minutes tops, pay them 53 dollars and you have your number. I was really trying to do it before last weekend cause I was planning on playing in my first tourney. The tourney was held at Goerge ward, but some work obligations came up so I didn’t get to play in it. But I did decide that it was time I got my membership so when I did get to play my first tourney I wouldn’t be the noob with no number, just the noob. I would suggest to everyone else who has not got there number to go ahead and do so. I absolutely cant wait till my swag gets here.

The Legend of the Bowers Park Holes

Posted by rolltidethrow

Somehow, some way, a group of guys come together that compliment each other and being good friends by circumstance and chance.  Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s chance, but either way I have a group of running buddies that have all come to play this awesome game of disc golf.  In the process, we have kind of adopted the course at Bowers Park and have done some things to improve the playing experience there and have fun at the same time.  I will outline the legend of the Holes and share our story with you.

First off, the Holes came from Meet the Fockers.  Remember the baby that said As*HOOLE?  Well me and two guys, Juergen and Bald Martin took the S-curve, morphed into S-Hooooooooole, and finally to the present Hole.   It should be noted that we usually just yell “hoooole” at each other as our signal to each other if one arrives late.

So now you know about the Holes got their name, and now the Cast of Characters.

The Four Original Holes:

Juergen(JB Hole):  Juergen is  one of our European Holes.  He is a supplier quality engineer for a certain luxury auto manufacturer in Tuscaloosa.  He and I started playing about five years ago and have been enjoying it since.  This guy is one of the best of the group with a wicked forehand shot.  He had a supplier that gave us the timbers to build the awesome bridges at Bowers Park along the creek.  If you have played their you know those bridges are massive…I mean hey, how many guys can say they have bridges at their course built with 8×16 timbers?

Bald Martin:  Martin has been there since the beginning.  He bought the original four all first run Bosses and is a great guy.  This dude can make a Boss scream through the air like no other.  He is one of our two computer dudes and is always around to help with projects when we need him.

Oliver (Olli):  Olli is one of our long lost holes because his contract here ran up about 3 years ago and he is back in Stuttgart.  Olli got the first star plastic of the group, a USA Flag dyed Star Beast and could flick it about 16″ off the ground.  This dude can defy gravity with his flick.  I hope he can make it back with a contract.  He is a really fun guy to hang out with.

Eric: I am your humble storyteller here. I have been with the group from the beginning.  Until the economic downturn I was a project manager with an architectural firm, now I shifted to manufacturing which gives me more money and more time to throw.  My background in architecture and planning gives me the ability to facilitate and plan, and generate ideas.  I try to help the group the most by making contacts, friends, and helping strangers on the course out.  I have been known to give away a disc or two.  My strengths on the course involve throwing my 2010 Ace Race disc and my broken in champion monarchs.  I WILL ace Hole 8 at George Ward with my monarch one day.

The Faithful Core Holes:

Other Martin: Other Martin is this british cat that has migrated to the states about 15 years ago because he heard a rumor about this ‘burning ball of fire in the sky that occurs instead of clouds and rain’.  Martin’s house and yard were affected by the tornado so with good insurance he has three new chainsaws, including one with a 36″ bar we call The Beast.  The Beast has helped clear out Bowers with all of the storm damage.  Martin has found that his Impact is a straight and accurate disc and has improved his game greatly.  He also drives a sweet Mustang GT California Edition.

Nick:  Nick is Martin’s stepson and is a fantastic player.  He has only been playing a few months but he is an up and comer in the group.  He turns over his Orion LS like nobody’s business.  Nick is also awesome at wielding a chainsaw…a true slayer of fallen trees.

Wes(Wisket): Wes is our lefthanded, latitude 64 plastic throwing sandbagger that has came a long way and has tore up the Eat Sleep Disc series in Novice and even did better than rec.  He is moving on to rec next season in his quest to become pro.

Russell(Our caddy): Russell is a super talented machinist that not only makes awesome bag tags but he is also a forum-whore on  He constantly does research on how to get better and has made a lot of tweaks to his game and ours and the result is we are all throwing better.  By the way, our group can help you with some awesome bag tags…talk to us about design and pricing.

Well, that is a little on our background…my next blog will be about club/group organization, public relations, and how to get things done when the current club is dragging their feet… to you soon.

Night Disc Golf @ North Jasper Park

Posted by alphagenerator

What started out as another boring Saturday afternoon ended with a 9 year old, glow sticks, an empty cooler, a mormon playing disc golf, and Donnie doing the ugly (not to be mistaken with the now infamous “teach me how to dougie” song.) After rounding up glow sticks at 3 stores between Birmingham and Jasper, we finally had enough to play a around of disc golf without Alabama’s summer heat beating us at every turn.

Stephen, Greg Smallz and I show up around dusk, when most park-goers would have left already. We start setting up when TJ (9) and Caden (7) walk up and introduce themselves…..never met the parents. Since they were nice kids that played disc golf and their parents wasn’t anywhere nearby to object, I decided to let them play with us. Stan showed up at hole 3 to knock in 50 ft birdie put without any light for assistance. We play a couple more holes when TJ and Caden decide to go find their parents…. not the other way around. Around hole #7, Smallz knocks his miniature light off his disc and becomes the belligerent tweaker in the park.

So we continue playing the back 9 knocking lights off discs, steadily draining the cooler, and making some ridiculous shots that would not have been possible if we were able to see the obstacles ahead.   As we wrapped up the night, TJ showed back up…. without Caden.     His mom was still in the park but she had a friend meet up with her named Donnie.    After Donnie, another couple met up with them and proceeded to the opposite end of the park subsequently leaving TJ with us to babysit.       Luckily TJ was infactuated with glow sticks enough to roundup every single one from each hole, as we finished off the remnants of the cooler.

Stephen and Smallz are currently researching a reusable lighting source for the discs and holes.


Disc Golf Lingo–Is it a new language in the works?

Posted by rolltidethrow

So the other day while me and the gang were playing a round at Bowers, it dawned on me that we have a lingo that we use and I am thinking this might be a new potential sub-language to American English, like a different accent or dialect.  I had to share this anthropological discovery.  Some of the new lingo we found are:

Tree Molester/Tree Hugger:  This is what happens when one throws their disc and hits a tree and it actually does them so good, like a skip ace or skip birdie or it puts the disc on the fairway.

Search Party: A term referring to when one golfer throws their disc in the woods or off the path and the next golfer throws the same crappy shot.

Thank you, Baby Jesus, six pounds four ounce swaddling clothes: Referring to a situation where your disc has made a miraculous shot and to pay homage to Talladega Nights.  Make sure you say this when you make a miraculous shot, or I will go off on you like a spider monkey cause I am all jacked up on Mountain Dew!

F, you, you F-ing F:  A term of endearment for your friend when he or she scores an ace.  This is only reserved for those that hit an ace.

When in doubt, throw the Ken Climax: Meaning when in doubt and you need to throw a midrange, throw your 11x KC Roc.

You produce more wood than Ron Jeremy:  When you hit three or more trees on the same shot.  Trust me…this will create a lot of embarrassment if you do this.

Swedish Plastic Whore : Refers to some cat that throws more Lat 64 discs than they really should cause it’s what all the other kids do.

Just a handfull of terms we have added to our vocabulary.  Please feel free to comment on your lingo so we can all benefit from this and our descendants will not be confused when they are watching and listening to our youtube videos in the future.


2 Weeks Without Play

Posted by randomtiz

Finally got a chance this past Wednesday—after 2 long and busy weeks—to get in a full round after work. Not knowing how my outcome of the round would soon be, I didn’t care; I was too pumped! With very little traffic there, I made it to Oregon Park just shy of 20 minutes (Normally with rush hour traffic it’s closer to half hour). Already in a good mood, I was pleasantly surprised at how deserted the disc golf course was as I pulled up. Must have been the heat, and that I can attest to. Leaving straight from work, I was left to play in what I currently had on. With the sun still high, 94° heat, humidity, double tshirts on, tight fitting jeans and no water supply…it was almost too much to handle. But whatever, I’ll survive an hour right?

Dripping sweat by Hole #2, I knew it was going to be an interesting round with this heat. I looked like one of those rotating sprinkler heads as I wound up and threw—sweat slinging off at every angle. Awesome, I’m watering the course as I play. Hole #7, to me, is by far the hardest. It’s probably around 200ft, but it’s a long straight-away with a very narrow flight path. I think I’ve only achieved par on this hole once in the some odd 30 times I’ve played this course. The sunset pic to the right is for my bogey shot on #7. Of course this is after my drive careened off course after hitting three trees like some trick shot in bumper pool. Indeed I did end up bogeying a few, but those were later complimented with several birdies—especially #17 and 18. I finished out +1. Not bad for two weeks off!
Oregon #7

Oregon Park #7

Oregon #13

Justin on Oregon Park #13

Then had the chance to play again yesterday, heck yea! We took to the course for a round of Oregon Park fun. Fun times as always, Justin did end up taking the win with 3 strokes ahead. I slipped and finished +6—much what I was expecting to score the prior day. We did rock our new Dogleg Tees as well! The pic on the left is Justin on the teebox of #13 with his Dogleg tee. I love how the shirts turned out and a great way to get the name out there. We even had a few people yesterday ask us about it, sweet!

Memorial Day Makeshift Hole on Watts Bar

Posted by randomtiz

It’s been a wonderful, Memorial Day weekend thus far. I’m up here in TN at my grandparent’s lakehouse with all of my family in town. I brought my DGA portable disc target with me on the trip and it sure made for an afternoon of fun yesterday. The property here and surrounding lots made for a great, technical hole layout. There’s lot of strategically placed trees, sheds,  dog pens, and houses to contend with for the planning of this 1-hole course. With lots of distance from the road to the water’s edge, I had a bit to work with. I placed the target in an open grassy area some 100 ft from the waterfront. Oh by the way, since the neighbors weren’t here, I took full advantage of their open lawn for much of the fairway. We were teeing off to the side of the neighbors’ house that led to a long straight shot to the pin. The first maybe 200 ft was wide open, but required narrow aim to feed it through the tree openings past this point. Once you got past this line of defense, the rest of the trees leading to the hole were scattered. Ideal to keep it low and have it turn over and roll if at all possible. With rocks, stumps and other grassy mounds in play, rollers made for interesting and unpredictable shots. In total, I’m guessing the hole was around 400 ft and slightly downhill. Skillful Par 3 at that considering all the random “lake” obstacles; it was actually a lot of fun until it lasted. We’d switch up where we teed off from so that we had different gaps where we could throw through the trees. An hour or so later, the neighbors returned, so we picked up and left. Maybe next time. Good times playing disc golf with family.



Dogleg Custom (Illustrated) Stamp

Posted by randomtiz

Eventually, I hope to one day get the Dogleg logo custom stamped on some blank discs for us to give out/sell. But for now, I’m going to hand draw it on a few of mine. I may have to do it on a couple of my Star discs, because it didn’t show up too well on this Leopard. This was first run with it.



Where’s the like button for all of Joe’s posts?

Posted by alphagenerator

– Lurker

North jasper park me and hobojoe

Posted by curly2284

Pretty good day I finished even and Joe finished 3 over. Had a great time drank a few beers, we both made some great shots, and told some great stories. The epitome of a good day. Afterwards Joe got a tour of jasper and got to experience the excitement of our local Mexican restaurant, Pericos.

I’m on a boat

Posted by curly2284

I’m on a boat on the way to the bahammas. On the way to charleston allready stopped and scouted courses for when we get back in port. I’m not sure if any of y’all know this but there are not any dg courses in the bahammas. However I have my driver, mid, and putter with me. We have decided on one of the islands we are going to set up a mini course. I’ll keep ya posted….


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