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First ace in my first tournament!

Posted by alphagenerator

So I played my first tournament about a month back and hit my first ace during the 2nd round!  Civitan, hole 7 in c location….248 ft ace with an Discraft Impact Fairway Driver, which happens to the 07 Ace Race disc….Too bad I didn’t pay $3 to enter the ace pot…   Competition is pretty stiff in Birmingham’s local dg scene. Even with my ace Stephen beat me out for the podium in our novice division.

That being said, Dogleg – (Jasper Division) is on path to host our first tournament later in the fall. Maybe we can arrange for the whole group to be in town that weekend to partake in the festivities!   more to come on the tournament later…



In Search of Roswell

Posted by randomtiz

East Roswell, to be exact. Sunday, here, looks to be the nicest weather we’ve had in a few weeks. So yes we will be taking advantage of that. A few of us are looking to take on Sequoyah first, then heading to East Roswell (E.Ros as I like to call it) to hit up their heavily wooded course.

Anyone in the area that would like to join us for a Sunday DG adventure, let us know. We’d love to meet up. Hoping you other guys are able to get out this weekend for a round or two. Looking forward to hearing some stories. Check back later this weekend for our trip recap.


NYE at Flyboy!

Posted by randomtiz

Flyboy Aviation – Main Hangar

All I can say is, wow. What an awesome Saturday morning to be out playing disc golf. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Clear skies, low 60s and very little wind if any. This trip we’ve talked up for months and the day had finally arrived. The majority of the Dogleg Team drove in from Alabama and met two of us from Georgia yesterday morning at Flyboy Aviation in Whitesburg, GA.

Flyboy Aviation is a private disc golf mecca located on and around a private gated community airpark. It is made up of 27 holes—11 of which are considered water holes—that range anywhere from around an uphill 190 ft hole to a winding, slightly elevated 1,080 ft monster. This course has a variety of terrain and elevation changes that’s 12291 ft in total length with a par of 95. Flyboy is one of the top-rated courses in the country and a MUST for any disc golf enthusiast!

There was 7 of us in altogether, but they only allowed 4-5 per group to play; so we split into two groups. We started around 10:30am and finished the last hole around 4:30pm. Yes, 6 hours of playing with only breaking once for an on-site lunch. The course was beautiful and very well maintained. Each hole had a tee sign with a rubber teebox and equipped with a broom to dust off the teebox area.


Stephen at #3 Teepad

Hole #3 was the first water beast of a hole. It’s roughly 440 ft from the teepad to the water’s edge. Then you had roughly a 285 shot to the basket from there to the basket. You needed a good 250 shot to clear the lake. Sweet setup, but scary this early on. Felt like we were in for a very long day after this one. The course is a nice mix of long, open fairways mixed with tighter, narrower baskets through the woods. Lots of elevation changes kept it interesting and challenging. There were a few holes that required you playing down the edge of the lake which really called for precision on your throws. I couldn’t imagine playing this course on a windy day, forget that unless you have a bag full of floaters.

As the day went on, the holes got harder, further and more challenging. Not to mention getting sore and tired from hucking long drives on several 700+ ft holes. All in all, it was a great day out on the field with most of us together playing an exclusive pro-level private course. Very glad we had to the opportunity to play and would love the chance to be able to play again soon.

TIPS: Make sure you grab the course map from the clubhouse. It’ll help you remember where the basket is after you’re already 8 throws in and forgotten where the heck you’re throwing towards. Bring SEVERAL extra discs. If it’s your first time playing this course, you’re bound to lose one in the drink..or three or four. If it’s hot, bring a swimsuit, you may actually swim and find your’s or twelve others. If you’re not comfortable throwing over water or don’t want to lose your fav disc, take the drop. But yea, bring older cheaper discs for the water holes unless you know you can chuck one 250+ consistently. Bring drinks/snacks with you. It’s a long way back to the hangar for this once you get past the first few holes. DO NOT litter. Please help keep this park up and well-maintained. By far, the nicest, cleanest course I’d ever played.

Justin - Basket shot on #9

JT on #20 Teepad

Jeremiah chillin' @ Hangar

Heads Up - Plane coming in!

#25, Teepad to Peninsula to basket...385 ft/ Par 3

(L to R) JT, Blake, Justin, Smalls and Stephen

Flyboy Saturday Dec 31st at 10 AM

Posted by alphagenerator

I have a 10 AM tee time at Flyboy in Whitesburg, GA on Saturday Dec 31.  Me and Stephen are the only two committed so far. Tee times are scarce to come by, so don’t pass up this opportunity to play the highest rated course in the world!

Let me or Stephen know if you decide to join. I need to give a head count prior to showing up.


New Dogleg Promo Ideas

Posted by randomtiz

Hey guys, so I’ve been playing around today with some new means of Dogleg promo material & merchandise. First up, Dogleg Disc Golf golf towels. I’m looking into the pricing on these, but these could run anywhere from $6-12 a piece. The design I mocked up is for a black outline of the logo to be printed on a white towel. We may could do a white fill of the logo printed on a dark or black towel too.

If you’re like me, you tend to get your disc wet a lot. More times than not, I find myself trying to dry a sunken disc off with nothing other than my shirt or shorts. I think a handy golf towel would be a great idea and must for any disc golfer. So why not a Dogleg one?!

Secondly, there’s always stickers that we could make up. These would be black/white vinyl and be great to hand out or slap on your car, bulletin board, street sign, or even your mom’s fridge. These would run us somewhere around $40+shipping for 250 4.25″ oval stickers. Black on white, or white on black.

What do you guys think?

Dogleg Disc Golf Towel—white

Dogleg Disc Golf Towel—black

Dogleg Stickers

New Dogleg Merchandise!

Posted by randomtiz

It’s finally here, new Dogleg koozies and tees! A BIG thanks to Stephen and the Jasper crew for getting these printed up. They turned out really well. Let us know if you’re interested in buying one and we’ll hook ya up. Can’t wait to see these out on the course!

Dogleg Tees and Koozies!

Dogleg Biz Card Update:

Posted by randomtiz

Hey all! I’ve done some research and now have some pricing options for us on the biz cards. Originally I had the idea of just keeping them generic and buying in bulk to give out to you guys. Then Joe shot me an email and wanted to know if we could do personalized ones, and yes of course! If anybody wants the generic ones (seen in previous post), I’ll pick up the cost of those no problem. But if you would like a personalized one with your name on it, I can have them made for ya if you can cover the additional costs.

The quantity I’ll leave up to you. But as you can see below, it’s only about $2-3 more to double the amount. Well worth it in my opinion! My recommendation would be going with a higher quantity for this reason–if you run out, it’ll cost ya at least another $15 for the smallest amount. But if you order more up front, you get a ton more for just a few extra bucks.

Please let me know if you would like a personalized one or just want the generic. If so, let me know how many you want. If you go with the personalized option, I will shoot ya a proof of how it will look. I’ve bought these matte finish ones before and they have a nice finish to them. The glossy ones ding easier and show lots of fingerprints.

Pricing Options:
100x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $14.49
250x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $16.02
500x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $19.32
1000x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $21.74
2500x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $30.12
*All prices above do not reflect shipping costs.

I would like to get these ordered hopefully within the next 2 weeks, so the sooner you let me know the better, thanks! Then you can hand these out like hotcakes!


New Dogleg Biz Card Concept

Posted by randomtiz

I know I mentioned to a few of you that I was wanting to get some Dogleg business cards made. I’m thinking about getting 1000 of these printed up and distributing them amongst you guys to then hand out. So this is what I came up with over the weekend. The top image would be the front of the card, and the bottom would be the back. I’m thinking full color on the front and possibly just black/white on the back as opposed to full color–depending on the price difference.

What do you guys think? Do you think it has enough info on it? Should I add anything else?


Front and Back concept for the biz card

Just add beer

Posted by curly2284


This is not the best photo but this is one of the 5 different colors koozies that everyone should get monday or Tuesday. I’m sending 10 per state. 10 to Texas 10 to Ga and iv got 10. I’ll give Joe and jeramia there’s to distribute out. I hope everyone thinks they are as cool as I do.

Dogleg Tees!

Posted by randomtiz

Well guys, here it is–the concept anyway. I know there’s several types of merchandise in the works that we’re looking in to getting printed. I really want us to start branding the name and think of ways to get the name out there. I will be getting business cards printed up in the next few weeks to give to you guys.

First off, I’d like to get some t-shirts made. I am open to color; but shown below is what it could look like on red or a kelly green. I’m thinking a two-color logo for the shirts to minimize on the production cost. For the front of tee I’m picturing it having the same logo, but pocket-sized.

What are you guy’s thoughts?


New course in Hoover

Posted by curly2284

Joe actually sent me the link to the info about this course so I wanted to share it with everyone. This makes me extremely exhited this will make 4 18 hole courses in birmingham alone.

It’s official! New Course in Hoover!

DGB has received official confirmation that we’re ready to get started on Birmingham Metro’s newest course! This project has been in the works for well over a year and has finally cleared the last few hurdles to start work.

With the land provided by the City of Hoover, DGB has been tasked with installing a championship level disc golf course at the “Inverness Nature Park”. The Inverness Nature Park is a tract of land located only three miles south/east of the 459/280 interchange. The park is mostly wooded with a few open areas, rolling hills, and some water. Initial plans for the park include parking, benches & trash cans with future plans to include restrooms and a pavilion.

With the available land, we’re expecting a championship level course that will play Par 60+ from the Pro tees! Initial estimates have the Pro tees at almost 8,000′, for comparison George Ward is 5,600′! Am tees will be similar in length to George Ward but will provide additional challenges with wooded fairways and elevation.

DGB will be providing the baskets, signs, and course design for this project and we’re going to need sponsors! Sponsorship opportunities will include graphics and other information on tee-signs and baskets. If you know of any businesses that would like to support our course in Hoover please let me know.


First post! – Dogleg Roots

Posted by randomtiz

Welcome to Dogleg Disc Golf! I’m very new to this whole blogging thing so please bear with me. Dogleg Disc Golf is an idea I had a few months ago about one of my new favorite hobbies. I came up with the name and thought it had a nice lil ring to it. So I checked GoDaddy, and sure enough, it was available. So I purchased it not really knowing what I wanted to do with it for the time-being. Maybe an online store one day, but for now it will most likely be my disc golf blog and/or forum amongst some of my closest friends.

Several of my friends have really gotten into disc golf over the past few months to a year. We talk about it all the time and discuss our round scores and favorites discs. So why not put it all online? My first idea I was thinking about creating a group on Facebook where we could upload pics, scores, and chat about the sport. Then I was thinking if we went online with it–like a forum–we could potentially reach a broader audience. Eventually even getting to where lots more users could discuss different topics and reviews of everything disc golf.

So like I said, this is just the beginning. Not sure where it will eventually lead, but for now it will be a blog until I can figure this forum stuff out and get that going. This blog will start by being the home of some of my round stories, disc and course reviews. Let me know if you have any ideas, I’m open!



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