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The Flight Analyzer releases for Android

Posted by Bobby Hoellwarth

The Flight Analyzer [ ], the web’s original interactive visual disc route comparison tool, has been released for Android devices.  Compare flight routes easily by selecting a type of disc (Putter, Mid-Range, Fairway, Distance), then a manufacturer, and finally a model of disc.  It can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store here:
Or by searching for Flight Analyzer on the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Like the website, the Flight Analyzer app allows users to compare anywhere from 3 discs to an infinite number of discs side-by-side (although your device may lag after a hundred or so).  The app has the following features:

  • compare discs with no internet connection (not available on the website version)
  • load 3 discs and add any number of additional discs
  • switch between Left and Right handed
  • select Metric, Imperial, or both measurements
  • adjust flight route based on throwing speed (MA3, MA2, MA1, MPO)

Advantage of the app: you can compare disc flights while out on those hard to reach courses with no internet

Disadvantage of the app: if you load a lot of discs (like your whole bag), there is currently no way to save them like you can on the site, so they will be gone when you close the app and open it again.

Future plans for the app include adding save functionality and releasing the app for iOS.

Flight Analyzer

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