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Dogleg Update: Where’s the posts?!

Posted by randomtiz

So you may have been wondering why there hasn’t been any new posts lately. As some of you guys know, I’m getting married in two week! I’ve been in full wedding mode this summer and apologize for lack of new activity on my end on the blog. Lots of planning and designing has gone into the wedding so far and it’s left me with little time to maintain the blog over the past few months.

I just wanted to update you all and let you know what’s been up here at Dogleg. No, we’re not going away. Come mid-October when I’m back out on the DG course playing and reviewing, expect lots more reviews and posts. We’ve got several reviews that we’re working on writing, filming and editing that we hope to go live within the next two weeks! With my free time being few and far between, just know that I’m working on the blog the best I can. =) This is a very exciting and special time in my life, so my second true love of disc golf is getting the back burner for the next few weeks. Ha!
Thank you to all of our loyal fans and friends out there for understanding and keeping up with the crew!

Many good things will be happening to/on the blog in October and the following months. Get ready. And don’t forget to..Blog the Dog!


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