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Four days until my tournament. Nothing left to do but panic!

Posted by chrissmithspresence

If you have read any of my earlier posts, then you know I am organizing my first tournament.  I decided to go with an a-typical tournament format in the hopes that I would create something fun and memorable for all players involved.

The tournament is really coming together.  In my last post I talked about finding local sponsors to go along with my more national “disc golf” sponsors.  As an update, the local sponsors didn’t pan out as well as I had hoped.  No worries though.  I got a few more prizes and hopefully those companies will benefit from the donation and be willing to donate again in the future.  I have over fifty people pre-registered and over 35 prizes to give out.

One thing that I found was that I kept going over things that needed to be done in my head and thinking “Oh yeah, I’ll do that later.”

When I decided to actually sit down and make a list of things to get done, I was overwhelmed.  I walked through the player’s experience on tournament day in my head.  Here is what I am looking at with four days left:

  • When they show up, where will they go?  – I’ll need a table for registration and one to display the prizes.
  • How do I split them up into random partners and cards?  – I need to get some poker chips and write numbers on them (I also considered ripping a deck of cards in half)
  • How am I going to communicate all of these crazy rules?  – I made a score card specific to the tournament with the “special” rules on the back.  It only cost me $2.80 to get them printed on card stock.  I also made a one-page list of the holes and what is different about each, to post around the registration area.
  • What the heck am I going to say at the player’s meeting?  – I wrote up an outline and listed all of the sponsors so that I don’t forget to thank anyone.
  • How are players going to mark their longest putts and CTPs?  – I bought four dowels from a hardware store, cut them into four pieces and made duct tape flags to make 16 markers.
  • Anything specific to the tournament that needs to be done?  – I needed to buy some field paint to mark a drop zone for a mando, a putting circle for one special rule, and specific distances from baskets because we will be using a putting game for a tie breaker.
  • What else am I forgetting?  – I committed to sending pictures of the winners with their prizes to companies that donated.  Too bad I don’t have a very good camera.  Maybe someone would be willing to come take pictures and/or videos.  I posted it to the facebook and disc golf scene and the wife of one of the players is going to help me out.

So that’s it…  If I continue to check more things off of my list than I add every day, I should be ok.  I am sure that it won’t go completely as planned, but if I roll with the punches, I am hoping that it is a fun tournament for everyone involved.

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