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Disc Golf Addict

Posted by alphagenerator

Found this on a website and thought I would share.

You Know You’re A Disc Golf Addict When…

  1. You have three or more versions of the same disc.
  2. You are sure the color of the disc affects how it flies.
  3. You have started a Disc Golf Web Page.
  4. When designing your new house, one room on the blueprints is called “Hot Stamp Gallery Room”.
  5. You have ever advertised “Disc Golf Lessons” in a local newspaper.
  6. After playing a course once, you already know how it should be re-designed.
  7. You have ever uttered the following: “I’ll get my disc out of the basket when this lightning dies down.”
  8. Your boss catches you looking for new doglegs to throw around at work.
  9. You have ever bought a pair of shoes specifically for playing Disc Golf in them.
  10. You always carry your Disc Golf bag with you just in case you get some sudden free time.
  11. You have ever petitioned the IOC to make Disc Golf an Olympic Sport.
  12. You have spent more money on Disc Golf supplies than you have on your car.
  13. You have ever bought a disc for specific use on ONE hole.
  14. You accepted a job relocation to another town on the basis that a course was in the area.
  15. Your wife/husband doesn’t let you set the table because you throw the plates.
  16. You can’t stand the thought of not being able to buy just one more disc.
  17. You build a backyard swimming pool to be used only as a water hazard.
  18. If you keep track of your PDGA points.
  19. If you can tell someone your league average off the top of your head.
  20. You can point out a “discin'” callous on your hand.
  21. You called more than one friend when the “frolf” episode of “Seinfeld” aired.
  22. If you have named a pet “Bogie”. “Hyzer”, “Aviar”, or some other disc golf term.
  23. If you have ever thought about trying to build your own basket.
  24. If you have ever hung a disc on the wall and all your friends think it’s cool.
  25. You ever screamed YES! as loud as you can in a public park, then wonder why people are looking at you.
  26. The only quality time you get with your family is when you drag them out to the course to show them your great “S” flight path.
  27. You spend more than 3 hours searching for a lost golf disc.
  28. You have caused at least 3 of your friends to become addicted to the sport as well.
  29. You try to figure out how many golf discs you can buy with your next paycheck.
  30. When you miss a putt and whip out 5 more putters from your bag and throw each of them from the same spot just to prove to your friends that you could have made it.
  31. You go looking around the course to see if you can find any lost discs.
  32. You are swimming in the ocean and someone yells, “Shark!!” and you holler back, “Are you crazy? From this far away??”
  33. You have spent so much money at the course pro shop, they name the course after you.
  34. You beg the course pro to put lights on the course so you can play all night too.
  35. You are golfing by yourself, and you let your “imaginary friends” tee first so you can show them how its done.
  36. You believe that with the right discs firmly grasped in each hand, you could fly.
  37. You have ever talked to your discs while they are in flight.
  38. You buy a membership in a gym, so you can improve your distance.
  39. You have ever called in sick to work on Monday; to play the same course you played Sunday.
  40. If you carry an extra version of a disc in case the first one breaks or gets lost.
  41. You introduce new discs to your other discs.
  42. You are willing to spend $400 a year getting a basket to start a new course but you still have the couch your mother gave you when you moved out.
  43. You throw your approach disc even after a really bad drive, just on principle.
  44. Your PDGA number is also on your car’s license plate.
  45. You skip Monday Night Football to attend a DG meeting.
  46. You decide it is too windy to go snowboarding, and opt to play a round of disc golf instead.
  47. You have ever attended a community meeting on behalf of disc golf.
  48. You have established the par from the water cooler back to your cubical.
  49. You carry copies of DGJ and DGWN everywhere you go so you can validate the sports existence to non-believers.
  50. You get into heated debates about what kind of discs beginners should use and for how long.
  51. You have ever developed a disc golf specific injury.
  52. You practice snapping a disc off at home while watching TV.
  53. You have ever chased down someone else’s dog to get your disc out of its mouth.
  54. You call ball golf…ball golf.
  55. You arrive at a tourney 3 hours from home and promptly spend all your lunch money on new discs.
  56. You have read this entire list!

4 Responses

  1. Robert Thompson

    That is so me on so many of this list it is to funny.

    February 4, 2013 at 1:37 pm

  2. haha…. i know. So many apply! And we just installed lights on the Jasper baskets…bahaha


    February 4, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    • Lol, that’s pretty good. I had a check next to over half of these.

      I especially like #35 “You are golfing by yourself, and you let your “imaginary friends” tee first so you can show them how its done.”

      February 4, 2013 at 10:26 pm

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