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A New Year’s Revolution

Posted by mleefry

As we’ve all heard by now, a big change for the world of disc golf will be announced on New Year’s Day.  Many of the most well known pros have dropped major sponsors and have dropped hints of a revolution happening at the start of 2013.  Players including two-time U.S. Champion Will Schusterick, 2011 World Champion Paige Pierce, 2006 Amateur World Champion Paul Ulibarri, and 2011 Junior World Champion Ricky Wysocki have all made announcements via social media this month.  The online disc golf community has been asking for more than a week:  what’s the hype about?


The answer?  No one seems to know.  The signs from the pros seem to point in different directions, which has caused a handful of theories to emerge.

The most conspiracy-like idea is that a new super company is about to emerge.  Most references call it Prodigy Disc Golf.  A person or group with a large base of financial support supposedly backs the new company.  The sponsored players would have a larger salary than they get with currently existing sponsors, like Dynamic Discs.  Prodigy is assumed to be a disc manufacturer, because the majority of the pros have dropped Innova, Discraft, and/or Dynamic Discs (who recently released a line of discs manufactured through Latitude 64).  That’s why 2010 World Champion Eric McCabe announced yesterday that he would no longer be sponsored by Discraft, so he could join Team Dynamic Discs.  This would also explain why some of the pros have picked up new retailor sponsors—like Will Schusterick and Paige Pierce joining the Journey Post team, based out of Branson, Mo.

Another line of theories all point in the direction of existing corporations breaking into the disc golf market.  As can be expected, Nike has been mentioned by many because of its large financial base and role as a sponsor in most major sports in the United States.  Keen’s name has also been thrown in the hat; they already sponsor a few players, like Avery Jenkins, and have produced footwear with Vibram, who has also manufactured discs.

Regardless of whether a new company is forming, or an existing company is growing, the guys at Furthering the Disc are definitely stirring the social media .  Will Schusterick, who dropped Innova and Discmania on December 16, is a key player in their social media movement to revitalize disc golf.  Both Will and FTD have been promoting the hashtag #discopalypse13 on Twitter.


Until Tuesday, when the pros are set to make their big announcement, all we can do is try to put the pieces together and hope that they add up to something that will advance the sport we all love.  Share your thoughts on what’s going on by commenting, or tweeting @DoglegDiscGolf.  Do you think that everyone is moving in the same direction?  Is a new company forming, or is disc golf just getting more commercialized?  Is this ordeal going to help the sport grow in 2013?  What do you want to see the pros doing next year?

My Basketwrap Designs are Installed!

Posted by randomtiz

Check out one of my most recent graphic design pieces!

This past year, I’ve been working with Justin Littrell of Disc Golf Birmingham on designing basket wrap graphics for the new Inverness Disc Golf Course (InDiG0) in Hoover, AL. These 70″x4″ vinyl sticker wraps that would go on all 18 of their Innova DISCatcher® Pro baskets plus the practice basket.

As of about a month ago, they finally have them installed and thanks to Jasper buddy, Dylan, for taking this photo for us!

I think they turned out pretty sharp! What do you think?

If you’re interested in a vinyl sticker design for the baskets of your local course, let me know! Email me at You can check out more of my design+art at


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