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Innova Star Beast for Sale/Trade ($11)

Posted by randomtiz

Red Innova Star Beast Driver for sale! Let me tell you, this disc is a beast! It has a slightly wider rim with a long high glide and high speed turn. According to Innova, its flight characteristics are 10|5|-2|2. This disc is made of Innova’s premium Star plastic which has an improved grip (like the Pro line) and extremely durable (like the Champion models). This disc is very smooth and slick with very minor scuffs. It does have ink on the back but no discs (only slight surface scratches). This in Star Beast is 172g and feels solid! Love the feel from it as it rolls out of your fingers. Great long distance driver, try it out! I rate this disc’s condition at a 4/5. Contact me if you’re interested on here or either shoot me an email at

I do offer standard shipping for an additional $2.

Condition description:
5 = Nearly perfect (only thrown a few times)
4 = Very lightly used (One or two minor dings or scuffs)
3 = Normal used (normal amount of dings or surface scuffs, will look like most discs people have in their bag).
2 = Moderately Used (a couple larger dings/scratches and/or a slight misshape)
1 = Heavily Used (disc has seen a lot of use but still has some life left in it)


Innova Star Beast 172g

Underside of disc showing ink

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