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Innova DX Leopard for Sale/Trade ($6)

Posted by randomtiz

I’ve got a slightly used Innova Leopard Fairway Driver for sale or either trade. It is bright yellow and 150g weight. People think I’m weird, but I use Leopards for anything within 200 ft. They’re my midrange/putter! One of the very first discs I bought was a Leopard and I just have its flight path down to a science ha—so that’s why it’s my go-to.

But anyway, I’ve come across some extras and trying to trade or sell them to free up space in my bag. This disc does have a nick on its underside/outer edge of the rim along with ink on the back. Additional pics available by request. Top and stamp have light surface scratches.

Innova Leopard’s are great first-timer drivers. They’re very accurate and have subtle low speed fade if thrown at the right speed. Great discs for any skill level and fly far with amazing glide. This one is super light for you slower-armed throwers. I rate the wear and condition of this disc at a 3.5/5.

I do offer standard shipping for an additional $2.

Condition description:
5 = Nearly perfect (only thrown a few times)
4 = Very lightly used (One or two minor dings or scuffs)
3 = Normal used (normal amount of dings or surface scuffs, will look like most discs people have in their bag).
2 = Moderately Used (a couple larger dings/scratches and/or a slight misshape)
1 = Heavily Used (disc has seen a lot of use but still has some life left in it)


Innova DX Leopard 150g

Underside of disc showing ink

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