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Barking Orders: Will’s Park Dog Show Fiasco

Posted by randomtiz

Let me just start out by saying that “show dog” owners have attitudes. And crabby attitudes at that. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dogs and have two, but dang! These people are just a different class, period.

I love Will’s Park DGC. But there’s always something going on there. It seems like 80% of the time we play there that there’s an equestrian event going on. At least it’s off to the side and up the hill from The DG course. The worst part is that there’s RV parking that flanks both side of hole 5 and 6. A wary shot to the right on either and you’re denting aluminum siding or whacking The Jones’s in the back of the head. But I digress.

But this trip, a dog show. A dog show in the RV grassy lot on the right side of Hole #5. Since that grassy lot is cleared for the event, that means the cars have to park elsewhere. And where do they park?… they park in the fairway of Hole #5. Wtf. I’m talking like 20+ trees. My first instinct is to play through over and around all these courses, obstacle golf. Tomahawk one high into the high in hope it’ll dive between Beamers into a flat spot. No, better not.. Jimbo has a plan.

Jimbo is a cool guy that we met last time we’d played Wills. Older guy, but he’s hilarious. He was with us that day. He marched up to the dog show and demanded to speak to the person in charge. Jimbo means business. He tracked they guy down and told them the parking problem and asked for everyone parked in the fairway to move. These other ladies became irate and were bitchin up a storm saying they had to permission to park there and why they had to move. So disrespectful to us, other fellow disc golfers and the respect of the course in general. I thought it was hilarious how each dog owner came down one by one and moved their cars off the fairway into another adjacent lot. Finally, for once, it felt good to have some power. There’s no way they had to permission to park in the fairway of a disc golf course. Keep in mind this is Will’s Park, home to many PDGA sanctioned events and office for PDGA member submissions.

After some 20 min they’d all moved and we were clear to finish that hole. Very fun, eventful and good round overall. I love Will’s. My closing thoughts..”People, please respect the disc golf course and the players just as we do others participating in their respective sports/designated areas. There’s enough space for all of us.”

[See photo of Hole #5 fairway and the cars that covered it (prior confronting the head in charge).]



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