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Sequoyah’s Boats and Throws

Posted by randomtiz

We finally get a weekend with the perfect disc golf weather. And of course, we took full advantage of it. Saturday’s plan was to hit at least two courses and bring back the return of DG Retrieval Mission: Part II. This time, with a boat son!

DG Retrieval Mission: II
Several weeks ago I had a stray that zipped through the droopy pines and spun off into the plastic chair-filled mud runoff of a ‘pond’. Not dare stepping foot in that, I opted for a $16 inflatable boat off Amazon. I thought this would make a practical solution combined with a fishing net to retrieve my sunken disc and perhaps a few more.

DG Retrieval Mission: II

The morning started off fairly windy and without an anchor, it only made the situation worse out there. As I tapped around aimlessly on the muddy bottom hoping to hit something plastic, I failed and brought up everything and anything but plastic. Plus, every time I tried to scoop it sent me in a tailspin doing donuts in a kid-sized inflatable boat in the middle of park with a little league baseball game going on in the distance. If they had a jumbotron at that game, I was bound to be on it. You’d think with the money I spent on the boat I could just replace that disc, but no. It meant more to me than that. And who’s NOT up for an adventure, right? Even if I found one disc, it would’ve pretty much payed for itself. No luck today in finding my disc—or any disc—but I’m not giving up.


After wasting a good half hour paddling in circles, it was time to play. A bit windy, but temp was nice and it’d been awhile since Justin and I’d hit the course. He lead for much of the round—even going up by 4 at one point. I made a slight comeback on the back 9 tie-ing it back up going into #18. Neither one of us had a good round and both finished at +10. Ugh. Highlight of the round, Justin’s ~60 ft. birdie shot on #13. This beauty was around the back of the rim, no chains. Stuck it. [Note: This is the same hole Darren hit that 130-footer a few weeks earlier.]

Justin's ~60 foot Bird on #13


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