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Disc Golf in Cullman

Posted by mojoe4u

It has been a while since I’ve posted and thought I’d do a quick briefing before I get into the post title.  It has been over a month since I’ve thrown a disc.  This sucks and it looks like it will be another few weeks before I’ve got time to get down to business as usual.  The last time I played was with Jeremiah at George Ward and am definitely eager to get back to it soon.  I also got tagged in the left ass cheek with a disc the week prior to meeting up with Jeremiah at George Ward on #16 – an omen?
Anyways, I saw in the Cullman Times where they have finally done a write up on the new course at Heritage Park in Cullman.  For those of you interested, yes, it is awesome.  I’ve played it several times and always early on Sunday morning.  I am usually the only person out there but that is to be expected before 8 in the morning.  Check out the article for the highlights – .  If you happen to be in the area without your discs, have heard that Werner’s Trading Company is selling discs and is on the way to the course if you are arriving by Exit 308  on I-65 – .  They also sell craft brews.  Just sayin’.

Give me a couple more weeks and another post will follow – hopefully one that doesn’t include me getting hit by another disc.



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