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Last Week’s GA Recap

Posted by randomtiz

I was fortunate enough to beat the heat and make it out to a course two days straight last week. It had almost been a full week and I’d started to have major disc golf withdrawals. I need my DG fix at least ONCE a week. It keeps me sane I guess. JK, but really.

Part I—Sequoyah Park (Canton, GA).
Tuesday was the first day last week that Chad and I headed out to play. This time, to Sequoyah Park. I’d played there a few times before, but Chad had never been. Sequoyah’s a little longer drive from here than our ‘home’ course of Oregon Park, but to me it’s worth that extra 10 min. Reason being, there’s hardly a soul that plays Sequoyah late during the week—at least lately. Oregon Park sets in the front of a large park complex and next to a seemingly, sumptuous neighborhood. Which means it has lots of traffic and park enthusiasts that roam the newly renovated course’s green hills. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new layout, but it’s the frequent overcrowding and awaiting large groups ahead to play on that gets me. Oregon Park is a very popular course indeed. With two sets of teepads and baskets per hole, get ready to deal with the possibility of other groups playing your same hole from the other set of tees. Heads up, some back teepads may be blind to the front set. I tend to play fast and it burns me when you trail larger groups for several holes and they never bother to let you play through. Disc golf is a fun and relaxing sport, yes, but seriously. Have respect for those smaller groups and the “Speedy Gonzales” out there that may just want to play through. Sorry, I digress.

ANYWAYS, we arrive and hit the course immediately. No other groups in sight, score! I nailed much of the round until the last four holes… My best round here prior was +11. I was shooting only +3 after 14 holes! Then on #15, I proceeded to triple bogey, double, then bogey, bogey. WTH. I added another 7 strokes in the last 4 holes! I couldn’t believe it. Arhg this was not good, but I still managed to finish my best yet there at +10. Chad did a heck of a lot better on the back 9 than I did, finishing out at +17.

Let me tell you, Sequoyah is rough once the sun starts to set—mostly wooded holes, thick canopies and tall grass. We had several search parties that killed daylight playing time. I need more brightly colored discs for sure.

Part II—Oregon Park (Marietta, GA).
Wednesday rolls around and Chad and I take to the course again. This time back to our home course, with Justin. Justin and I play Oregon all the time, but this would be his first since its renovation. A fun, great round altogether, we all 3 stayed neck-to-neck for much of the round. I flubbed off deep into the ‘jungle brush’ on a wayward forehand shot on #5 which left me double-bogeying that debacle. Justin ching’d a few 25+ ft shots that helped put him in the lead towards the end. Justin and Chad ended up both finishing out at -2, while I finished E. Great game to both of them—Justin’s third consecutive round beating me Haha. Time to do work this week.

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