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The 36-Fix

Posted by randomtiz

That’s right, 36. One of my favorite local courses (also my home course), Oregon Park, has now been upgraded to 36 holes! This newly renovated course is much longer than the previous, less crowded, and now has two sets of teepads and baskets per hole. Awesome! Right now its a mix between concrete and dirt pads. Talked to one of the locals the other day and he said they’re still working on getting the signs made up for each hole. I’m pretty pumped about the new course layout. This will give me many more reasons to go play there this summer. I’d played the old course for so long it was getting a little too easy for me. Not that it was necessarily an easy course to start with, it just wasn’t much of a challenge anymore—even from the back blue tees.

The new Oregon Park course has quite a few dogleg holes that play to right-hander’s advantage. Me, being the lefty that I am, will make it much more challenging and will require me to bring back the flickin’. Always up for the challenge, I love this course again already! Another interesting part about this new setup—I don’t know if it was intentional in design or not—is the easier ability to play thru. By this I mean, with the two sets of tee pads separated a good distance apart to the side, you can play thru slower groups quicker and easier by throwing from the other set. I saw this happen a few times the other day. Seems like it could be a good idea…until someone gets clocked in the temple from an unruly tomahawk toss from out of the brush.

Holes #1-4, 7, and 9-15 are all new. #5 Silver is the old #1, #5 Gold crosses the old #17. #6 is part of the old #2. #8 is the old #5 going uphill. #16 is the old #9. #17 is the old #10, and the old #11 is now #18.

I went this past Tuesday with some friends and ended up finishing +1 on the Silver tees (closest set). I hope to make it back this eve to play from the Gold (back) tees. You guys need to make it up one weekend this summer. There’s so many here to hit up!

*UPDATE: My brother and I hit up Oregon Park again tonight. He actually took the cake with -1 and I finished Even. We ended up playing the Silver (close) tees again. Great story ahead. Look for next post coming within next 24 hrs.

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