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Disc Golf Lingo–Is it a new language in the works?

Posted by rolltidethrow

So the other day while me and the gang were playing a round at Bowers, it dawned on me that we have a lingo that we use and I am thinking this might be a new potential sub-language to American English, like a different accent or dialect.  I had to share this anthropological discovery.  Some of the new lingo we found are:

Tree Molester/Tree Hugger:  This is what happens when one throws their disc and hits a tree and it actually does them so good, like a skip ace or skip birdie or it puts the disc on the fairway.

Search Party: A term referring to when one golfer throws their disc in the woods or off the path and the next golfer throws the same crappy shot.

Thank you, Baby Jesus, six pounds four ounce swaddling clothes: Referring to a situation where your disc has made a miraculous shot and to pay homage to Talladega Nights.  Make sure you say this when you make a miraculous shot, or I will go off on you like a spider monkey cause I am all jacked up on Mountain Dew!

F, you, you F-ing F:  A term of endearment for your friend when he or she scores an ace.  This is only reserved for those that hit an ace.

When in doubt, throw the Ken Climax: Meaning when in doubt and you need to throw a midrange, throw your 11x KC Roc.

You produce more wood than Ron Jeremy:  When you hit three or more trees on the same shot.  Trust me…this will create a lot of embarrassment if you do this.

Swedish Plastic Whore : Refers to some cat that throws more Lat 64 discs than they really should cause it’s what all the other kids do.

Just a handfull of terms we have added to our vocabulary.  Please feel free to comment on your lingo so we can all benefit from this and our descendants will not be confused when they are watching and listening to our youtube videos in the future.


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