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Houston Updates!

Posted by carsonce

Disc Golf in Houston is going well but is extremely warm.  Despite the heat, we’ve been able to play a couple rounds of disc golf each week.  We’ve got a group of 6 guys who play.  This past weekend five of us had a fun round at Mason Park and enjoyed playing disc golf in some cool 100+ degree weather.  We need to take a picture of hole 3 on this course.  I’m guessing the hole is less than 200′, but there is a wall of trees with no possible line between the tee box and the basket.  You just pitch a disc into the trees and hope it pops out the other side pinball style.  The long tee for hole 6 is brutally long and runs beside a bayou.  The long tee for hole 8 is probably the most scenic view from a tee box in Houston.

As for our home course at TC Jester, Tim and I played in a 6 week league and held our own in the red division.  Tim came in first in our division, won the raffle, AND won closest to the pin one week.  I drank lots of beer and improved my game (slightly).

Discasaurus – New Disc Golf Score Tracking App for the iPhone/Android!

Posted by randomtiz

Hey guys I’ve got a new disc golf app that you all should check out!

It’s a brand new app that will hit the App Store within the next week or two. I’ve been messing around trying out a TestFlight version of this app most of the day today and I would like to share my review with you.

First off, the name of the app is called Discasaurus. This is a score tracking disc golf app unlike any other I’ve come across out there. Its interface is very user-friendly and has a nice, polished look to all the graphics. A lot of the free disc golf apps I’ve used before have crappy graphics and appear as if they were thrown together in Microsoft Paint. Not this one. I really like its web 2.0 look and feel. The text is very legible and the buttons are large—great for those with clumsy thumbs and on-the-fly scoring.

Now let me take a few minutes to introduce and walk you through this handy app. You’ll be able to set up and start using this app by the time you reach the end of this article. Bet.

Getting Started: Setup
The setup process maybe takes 3-5 minutes, so here it goes! To get started, you’ll need to upload the course directory for your state. This is quick and very easy to do. From the main screen, you’ll go to “Settings” and hit “Update Course Directory.” Simply find your state and hit update. I was impressed by how quickly the courses loaded. When I selected Georgia, it was a mere 4 sec and boom!, loaded. You’ll probably be prompted to allow GPS location so it can find nearby courses for your area. From there, select your course and choose between the Blue or White tees, then hit “Start.”

At some point it will ask you to enter your name, email address and choose a disc color. I would recommend taking a few extra minutes and sign up on (This will be extra beneficial later. Hold your horses, I’ll get to that part later.) =)

Starting a Round: Scoring
Now you’re ready to start! Scoring on this app is very intuitive—simply tap the screen for each shot you took. ie. If you scored a par, tap the screen 3 times. One thing that was confusing to me was how to correct your scoring if you messed up. I tend to type/tap fast and I accidentally tapped one too many strokes for a particular hole. At first, I couldn’t figure out how to reset the hole but after playing around several minutes, tapping everything possible and visible on the screen, I finally figured it out. Simply press down on the screen for 2 seconds and it will reset that hole. Upon later troubleshoot, I found two more ways to correct the scoring. 1) Two-finger touch decreases score by one stroke; 2) Three-finger touch resets the score too with a vibration. However, I do wish there was some sort of Tutorial that had a few quick instructions on setting up/scoring. It’s all pretty straightforward, but that confusion earlier created a slight roadblock for me.

To advance to the next hole, just swipe your finger to the left and you’ll jump to the next hole. You can go back a hole by swiping your finger to the right.

Get ready for this. Some of the best is yet to come! When you finish out the 18th screen, you have the option of submitting your score to Discasaurus’ website. This is where the Sign Up from earlier will come into play.

Expand the Experience! Submit Your Score to!
I told you the best is yet to come and I wasn’t lying. Once you’ve signed up with a free account on, you have the ability to submit your round scores directly from the app. But that’s not all, there are LOTS more of cool stuff on the site available with your free account. By signing up, you’ll be able to create your own personal profile. You can choose a username and upload a picture to attach to your own profile. You can even set your city and state AND add your favorite courses as well to it.

Connect with friends and other Discasaurus users from across the nation! See their recent scores, profiles, and favorite courses. Check out the course directory to find courses, scores, and pics of courses in your area. They even post leaderboards and recent scores for every course on there, awesome! Keep track of all your rounds and see how well you stand up with other fellow Discasaurus app fanatics! Another neat feature I’ve never seen before is the profile widget (see pic on right). You can paste this anywhere on the web. It tracks your average rounds/scores for friends to see. Well worth checking out, you won’t be sorry. Look for it in the app store soon, Discasaurus!

Little Ace-Hole

Posted by randomtiz

So its a Thursday evening, overcast, and getting darker by the minute due to cloud cover. I get home from work a little later than expected. My brother and I had already made plans to go play disc golf, so I couldn’t pass that up. We load up and head for Oregon Park which is about some odd 25 min away. We arrive around 8pm and barely find a decent parking spot—lots of people out playing!

Thanks to a nice group of guys ahead of us, they let us play through. I always play fast; therefore, I highly appreciate others that understand the game and are considerate of letting smaller, faster groups play through—as I do too. So thank you to those that do. Anyways, we get to Hole #4 and Chad (my brother) is up first. We’re playing from the short tees (Silver) this round and now about to tee off from behind a downed tree. While this course is still undergoing renovation, the tee signs are not yet up with the distances. We estimated it to be some 200-220 ft to the basket. OK, keep in mind that Chad’s played maybe ~15 rounds of disc golf in his entire life. Winds up with his signature style and releases one high and to the right. Right as the disc starts to turn over, he calls out “Ohhh it’s goinnnng in…”. The disc breaks back to the left, behind the trees and starts its decent. The white disc is slicing downward hard-left faster than Diemon Dave’s “Judi Chop”. It’s looking like it will be awfully close at that angle from here. Next thing you know, caCHING! …freakin’ ACED it! Chad, in much shock, turns around and stares at me like “No way that just happened”. Then a guy on a neighboring hole yells out “Great Shot!” I couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t either. It was ridiculous—yet very pretty.

So he goes 2 under right away and continues to hold the lead the remaining of the round. Like I mentioned in the previous post, he finished -1 and I finished out Even. For those of you that know me, you know how much I praise the Innova Leopards. What did he just ace this with? You guessed it, DX Leopard. Great round. Still in shock. Now I’m trying to get him to join the blog. —jt

Chad's Ace on #4 Oregon Park

Chad's Ace on #4 Oregon Park (Click to Zoom)

The 36-Fix

Posted by randomtiz

That’s right, 36. One of my favorite local courses (also my home course), Oregon Park, has now been upgraded to 36 holes! This newly renovated course is much longer than the previous, less crowded, and now has two sets of teepads and baskets per hole. Awesome! Right now its a mix between concrete and dirt pads. Talked to one of the locals the other day and he said they’re still working on getting the signs made up for each hole. I’m pretty pumped about the new course layout. This will give me many more reasons to go play there this summer. I’d played the old course for so long it was getting a little too easy for me. Not that it was necessarily an easy course to start with, it just wasn’t much of a challenge anymore—even from the back blue tees.

The new Oregon Park course has quite a few dogleg holes that play to right-hander’s advantage. Me, being the lefty that I am, will make it much more challenging and will require me to bring back the flickin’. Always up for the challenge, I love this course again already! Another interesting part about this new setup—I don’t know if it was intentional in design or not—is the easier ability to play thru. By this I mean, with the two sets of tee pads separated a good distance apart to the side, you can play thru slower groups quicker and easier by throwing from the other set. I saw this happen a few times the other day. Seems like it could be a good idea…until someone gets clocked in the temple from an unruly tomahawk toss from out of the brush.

Holes #1-4, 7, and 9-15 are all new. #5 Silver is the old #1, #5 Gold crosses the old #17. #6 is part of the old #2. #8 is the old #5 going uphill. #16 is the old #9. #17 is the old #10, and the old #11 is now #18.

I went this past Tuesday with some friends and ended up finishing +1 on the Silver tees (closest set). I hope to make it back this eve to play from the Gold (back) tees. You guys need to make it up one weekend this summer. There’s so many here to hit up!

*UPDATE: My brother and I hit up Oregon Park again tonight. He actually took the cake with -1 and I finished Even. We ended up playing the Silver (close) tees again. Great story ahead. Look for next post coming within next 24 hrs.

New Dogleg Promo Ideas

Posted by randomtiz

Hey guys, so I’ve been playing around today with some new means of Dogleg promo material & merchandise. First up, Dogleg Disc Golf golf towels. I’m looking into the pricing on these, but these could run anywhere from $6-12 a piece. The design I mocked up is for a black outline of the logo to be printed on a white towel. We may could do a white fill of the logo printed on a dark or black towel too.

If you’re like me, you tend to get your disc wet a lot. More times than not, I find myself trying to dry a sunken disc off with nothing other than my shirt or shorts. I think a handy golf towel would be a great idea and must for any disc golfer. So why not a Dogleg one?!

Secondly, there’s always stickers that we could make up. These would be black/white vinyl and be great to hand out or slap on your car, bulletin board, street sign, or even your mom’s fridge. These would run us somewhere around $40+shipping for 250 4.25″ oval stickers. Black on white, or white on black.

What do you guys think?

Dogleg Disc Golf Towel—white

Dogleg Disc Golf Towel—black

Dogleg Stickers

Put Up Your Nukes [Reviews]

Posted by randomtiz

Where’s Jeremiah at on these boards? Haha. Jeremiah, tell me about this NukeSS you have. I thought I remembered you having one that day we all played at George Ward. I need a couple more good backhand drivers to try out and was wanting to get your thoughts. How does the NukeSS compare to the AvengerSS for those of you that have thrown them? I’ve only been throwing Innova now, but wanted to maybe branch out and try some Discrafts.

Speaking of missing, where’s ol’ buddy ol’ Carson? He disappeared quicker than Stephen’s Star Beast as it trailed off into the sunset atop George Ward’s jungle canopy that day. Now lets hear it from the Dogleg Texan crew.

DG this weekend! If I don’t get nuked by this GA heat.


Innova Star TeeRex for Sale/Trade ($10)

Posted by randomtiz

For Sale or Trade:

Innova Star TeeRex 175g
Innova Star TeeRex 175g
I’ve been buying several discs here lately off eBay. I’ll buy them in lots, give them a few whirls then keep the ones that work well with my style. Here I have an Innova Star TeeRex 175g distance driver. It is in great condition; I’d probably give it a 4.5/5. This is a fast, stable to overstable driver. I’m a lefty, so this disc—for some reason—does not perform well with my style and technique. Maybe I’m just  throwing it incorrectly, but nonetheless it’s taking up room in my bag and I’d like to sell or trade it. It’s supposed to be good for throwing into the wind and flicking. Innova’s flight ratings for the TeeRex are 11-4-0-4. The only inking on this disc is my name/another name marked through on the backside. It has a few smudge marks on it, but no dings or scratches. [See pics]

Asking $10 or will trade for similar condition Star Katana (169-172g). Let me know, thanks!


Innova Star TeeRex 175g

Innova Star TeeRex 175g (bottom view)

It’s official …

Posted by curly2284

Well I finally made it official. I am now an active member of the pdga. My pdga number is 49213. For anybody wondering it is super easy to get. Fill out the form online takes 10 minutes tops, pay them 53 dollars and you have your number. I was really trying to do it before last weekend cause I was planning on playing in my first tourney. The tourney was held at Goerge ward, but some work obligations came up so I didn’t get to play in it. But I did decide that it was time I got my membership so when I did get to play my first tourney I wouldn’t be the noob with no number, just the noob. I would suggest to everyone else who has not got there number to go ahead and do so. I absolutely cant wait till my swag gets here.

The Legend of the Bowers Park Holes

Posted by rolltidethrow

Somehow, some way, a group of guys come together that compliment each other and being good friends by circumstance and chance.  Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s chance, but either way I have a group of running buddies that have all come to play this awesome game of disc golf.  In the process, we have kind of adopted the course at Bowers Park and have done some things to improve the playing experience there and have fun at the same time.  I will outline the legend of the Holes and share our story with you.

First off, the Holes came from Meet the Fockers.  Remember the baby that said As*HOOLE?  Well me and two guys, Juergen and Bald Martin took the S-curve, morphed into S-Hooooooooole, and finally to the present Hole.   It should be noted that we usually just yell “hoooole” at each other as our signal to each other if one arrives late.

So now you know about the Holes got their name, and now the Cast of Characters.

The Four Original Holes:

Juergen(JB Hole):  Juergen is  one of our European Holes.  He is a supplier quality engineer for a certain luxury auto manufacturer in Tuscaloosa.  He and I started playing about five years ago and have been enjoying it since.  This guy is one of the best of the group with a wicked forehand shot.  He had a supplier that gave us the timbers to build the awesome bridges at Bowers Park along the creek.  If you have played their you know those bridges are massive…I mean hey, how many guys can say they have bridges at their course built with 8×16 timbers?

Bald Martin:  Martin has been there since the beginning.  He bought the original four all first run Bosses and is a great guy.  This dude can make a Boss scream through the air like no other.  He is one of our two computer dudes and is always around to help with projects when we need him.

Oliver (Olli):  Olli is one of our long lost holes because his contract here ran up about 3 years ago and he is back in Stuttgart.  Olli got the first star plastic of the group, a USA Flag dyed Star Beast and could flick it about 16″ off the ground.  This dude can defy gravity with his flick.  I hope he can make it back with a contract.  He is a really fun guy to hang out with.

Eric: I am your humble storyteller here. I have been with the group from the beginning.  Until the economic downturn I was a project manager with an architectural firm, now I shifted to manufacturing which gives me more money and more time to throw.  My background in architecture and planning gives me the ability to facilitate and plan, and generate ideas.  I try to help the group the most by making contacts, friends, and helping strangers on the course out.  I have been known to give away a disc or two.  My strengths on the course involve throwing my 2010 Ace Race disc and my broken in champion monarchs.  I WILL ace Hole 8 at George Ward with my monarch one day.

The Faithful Core Holes:

Other Martin: Other Martin is this british cat that has migrated to the states about 15 years ago because he heard a rumor about this ‘burning ball of fire in the sky that occurs instead of clouds and rain’.  Martin’s house and yard were affected by the tornado so with good insurance he has three new chainsaws, including one with a 36″ bar we call The Beast.  The Beast has helped clear out Bowers with all of the storm damage.  Martin has found that his Impact is a straight and accurate disc and has improved his game greatly.  He also drives a sweet Mustang GT California Edition.

Nick:  Nick is Martin’s stepson and is a fantastic player.  He has only been playing a few months but he is an up and comer in the group.  He turns over his Orion LS like nobody’s business.  Nick is also awesome at wielding a chainsaw…a true slayer of fallen trees.

Wes(Wisket): Wes is our lefthanded, latitude 64 plastic throwing sandbagger that has came a long way and has tore up the Eat Sleep Disc series in Novice and even did better than rec.  He is moving on to rec next season in his quest to become pro.

Russell(Our caddy): Russell is a super talented machinist that not only makes awesome bag tags but he is also a forum-whore on  He constantly does research on how to get better and has made a lot of tweaks to his game and ours and the result is we are all throwing better.  By the way, our group can help you with some awesome bag tags…talk to us about design and pricing.

Well, that is a little on our background…my next blog will be about club/group organization, public relations, and how to get things done when the current club is dragging their feet… to you soon.

Night Disc Golf @ North Jasper Park

Posted by alphagenerator

What started out as another boring Saturday afternoon ended with a 9 year old, glow sticks, an empty cooler, a mormon playing disc golf, and Donnie doing the ugly (not to be mistaken with the now infamous “teach me how to dougie” song.) After rounding up glow sticks at 3 stores between Birmingham and Jasper, we finally had enough to play a around of disc golf without Alabama’s summer heat beating us at every turn.

Stephen, Greg Smallz and I show up around dusk, when most park-goers would have left already. We start setting up when TJ (9) and Caden (7) walk up and introduce themselves…..never met the parents. Since they were nice kids that played disc golf and their parents wasn’t anywhere nearby to object, I decided to let them play with us. Stan showed up at hole 3 to knock in 50 ft birdie put without any light for assistance. We play a couple more holes when TJ and Caden decide to go find their parents…. not the other way around. Around hole #7, Smallz knocks his miniature light off his disc and becomes the belligerent tweaker in the park.

So we continue playing the back 9 knocking lights off discs, steadily draining the cooler, and making some ridiculous shots that would not have been possible if we were able to see the obstacles ahead.   As we wrapped up the night, TJ showed back up…. without Caden.     His mom was still in the park but she had a friend meet up with her named Donnie.    After Donnie, another couple met up with them and proceeded to the opposite end of the park subsequently leaving TJ with us to babysit.       Luckily TJ was infactuated with glow sticks enough to roundup every single one from each hole, as we finished off the remnants of the cooler.

Stephen and Smallz are currently researching a reusable lighting source for the discs and holes.


Disc Golf Lingo–Is it a new language in the works?

Posted by rolltidethrow

So the other day while me and the gang were playing a round at Bowers, it dawned on me that we have a lingo that we use and I am thinking this might be a new potential sub-language to American English, like a different accent or dialect.  I had to share this anthropological discovery.  Some of the new lingo we found are:

Tree Molester/Tree Hugger:  This is what happens when one throws their disc and hits a tree and it actually does them so good, like a skip ace or skip birdie or it puts the disc on the fairway.

Search Party: A term referring to when one golfer throws their disc in the woods or off the path and the next golfer throws the same crappy shot.

Thank you, Baby Jesus, six pounds four ounce swaddling clothes: Referring to a situation where your disc has made a miraculous shot and to pay homage to Talladega Nights.  Make sure you say this when you make a miraculous shot, or I will go off on you like a spider monkey cause I am all jacked up on Mountain Dew!

F, you, you F-ing F:  A term of endearment for your friend when he or she scores an ace.  This is only reserved for those that hit an ace.

When in doubt, throw the Ken Climax: Meaning when in doubt and you need to throw a midrange, throw your 11x KC Roc.

You produce more wood than Ron Jeremy:  When you hit three or more trees on the same shot.  Trust me…this will create a lot of embarrassment if you do this.

Swedish Plastic Whore : Refers to some cat that throws more Lat 64 discs than they really should cause it’s what all the other kids do.

Just a handfull of terms we have added to our vocabulary.  Please feel free to comment on your lingo so we can all benefit from this and our descendants will not be confused when they are watching and listening to our youtube videos in the future.


Discraft Avenger SS Elite Z

Posted by holeinone08

I found this disc untagged in a ditch. I threw it ten to fifteen times while practicing and decided it was not a lost disc but someone had thrown it in the ditch like it was a candy bar wrapper or a cigarette butt, TRASH. So now two months later I have revisited this disc at the driving range. This could possibly be the most versatile driver I have thrown. With a moderate amount of hyzer you can hold a long straight line with almost no fade at the end. This disc has replaced my forehand overstable drive when I need to go left and break back to the right. I throw it high and left with a little anhyzer and it will get around the obstacles and flex out back to the left which at that point is straight. With a lot of hyzer and thrown right it will fade like it is an over stable disc but try to flatten out late in the flight. I feel that this disc has endless possibilities. I will never play without one of these in my bag. I just don’t know the weight because discraft doesn’t write it on the bottom.
– TimmyP

175 DX Leopard

Posted by holeinone08

I purchased another Leopard since I left my last one at agnes moffit in Houston after purchasing it on the way to play and only throwing it 3 times. Once again I have the 175 g Red DX Leopard. I can throw this disc about 300′ with a little hyzer. Thrown like this, I love the flight path. The disc levels out fast and then holds a straight line before graduallly fading at the end. I have also found this disc to be useful as a roller. I am still a rank below novice when it comes to throwing a roller shot but this disc if thrown left of the target flat or with a little anhyzer will flip over fast and roll straight, then it turns a little right as its speed dies. I am still not putting with it sorry tizz but I love the aviar.

The Fireside Chat from Bowers Park

Posted by rolltidethrow

A funny think happened to me on the way to do some bridge maintenance at Bowers last week.  I met three guys on hole 12 pro tee that encouraged me to sign up and perhaps submit material here on dogleg.  So, after a week of procrastinating and watching the terrible news involving the tornadoes in the midwest, I finally got the gumption to sit down and type out my thoughts and say hello.

For those that don’t know, Bowers Park is in beautiful sunny Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Yes, a tornado came through, and yes it did damage, but a lot of work has been done to make it playable, and all 18 holes are playable.  The course is maintained by three groups.  Tuscaloosa county Parks and Recreational Authority or PARA owns the property and does minimal work.  Tuscaloosa Disc Golf Club is the official group that does trimming, brush clearing and rotates basket locations.  Then there is this super secret disc golf society that I, myself belong to, called the Bowers Park Holes that do a lot of work behind the scenes.  I will tell you about the Holes, how we got our name, what we do, and how we do it in another post. 

Bowers is one of the more challenging courses in Alabama, and has a reputation amongst the players for eating discs and causing bogies.  More than one player in the Eat Sleep Disc series declined to come to Bowers, citing it was the hardest course on the tour and would be difficult to compete in.  My friends and I just call it home.  The course has three tees for each hole.  The blacks were added last fall for all holes and make it quite a challenge for the pros.  Each hole also has three positions and some even have a fourth, but until all eighteen holes have a fourth, we will just have positions A, B, and C for now.  The month of June will see the positions shift from B to short.  The tee to pin distance ranges greatly from under 200 in some positions to nearly 500 on Hole 3 long.  The terrain ranges from open with little trees on Hole 1 to a ‘hairy booger’ on any hole of the back nine you choose to throw.  It’s a good hike up and down hills, across creeks and through the woods, but in the end youwill find that there is something for every thrower, newbie to pro, lefty to righty.

That being said, I will be posting things about Bowers, encouraging all of you to come throw.  The invitation is there, every 7:30 Saturday mornings.

2 Weeks Without Play

Posted by randomtiz

Finally got a chance this past Wednesday—after 2 long and busy weeks—to get in a full round after work. Not knowing how my outcome of the round would soon be, I didn’t care; I was too pumped! With very little traffic there, I made it to Oregon Park just shy of 20 minutes (Normally with rush hour traffic it’s closer to half hour). Already in a good mood, I was pleasantly surprised at how deserted the disc golf course was as I pulled up. Must have been the heat, and that I can attest to. Leaving straight from work, I was left to play in what I currently had on. With the sun still high, 94° heat, humidity, double tshirts on, tight fitting jeans and no water supply…it was almost too much to handle. But whatever, I’ll survive an hour right?

Dripping sweat by Hole #2, I knew it was going to be an interesting round with this heat. I looked like one of those rotating sprinkler heads as I wound up and threw—sweat slinging off at every angle. Awesome, I’m watering the course as I play. Hole #7, to me, is by far the hardest. It’s probably around 200ft, but it’s a long straight-away with a very narrow flight path. I think I’ve only achieved par on this hole once in the some odd 30 times I’ve played this course. The sunset pic to the right is for my bogey shot on #7. Of course this is after my drive careened off course after hitting three trees like some trick shot in bumper pool. Indeed I did end up bogeying a few, but those were later complimented with several birdies—especially #17 and 18. I finished out +1. Not bad for two weeks off!
Oregon #7

Oregon Park #7

Oregon #13

Justin on Oregon Park #13

Then had the chance to play again yesterday, heck yea! We took to the course for a round of Oregon Park fun. Fun times as always, Justin did end up taking the win with 3 strokes ahead. I slipped and finished +6—much what I was expecting to score the prior day. We did rock our new Dogleg Tees as well! The pic on the left is Justin on the teebox of #13 with his Dogleg tee. I love how the shirts turned out and a great way to get the name out there. We even had a few people yesterday ask us about it, sweet!

New Dogleg Merchandise!

Posted by randomtiz

It’s finally here, new Dogleg koozies and tees! A BIG thanks to Stephen and the Jasper crew for getting these printed up. They turned out really well. Let us know if you’re interested in buying one and we’ll hook ya up. Can’t wait to see these out on the course!

Dogleg Tees and Koozies!

Dogleg Biz Card Update:

Posted by randomtiz

Hey all! I’ve done some research and now have some pricing options for us on the biz cards. Originally I had the idea of just keeping them generic and buying in bulk to give out to you guys. Then Joe shot me an email and wanted to know if we could do personalized ones, and yes of course! If anybody wants the generic ones (seen in previous post), I’ll pick up the cost of those no problem. But if you would like a personalized one with your name on it, I can have them made for ya if you can cover the additional costs.

The quantity I’ll leave up to you. But as you can see below, it’s only about $2-3 more to double the amount. Well worth it in my opinion! My recommendation would be going with a higher quantity for this reason–if you run out, it’ll cost ya at least another $15 for the smallest amount. But if you order more up front, you get a ton more for just a few extra bucks.

Please let me know if you would like a personalized one or just want the generic. If so, let me know how many you want. If you go with the personalized option, I will shoot ya a proof of how it will look. I’ve bought these matte finish ones before and they have a nice finish to them. The glossy ones ding easier and show lots of fingerprints.

Pricing Options:
100x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $14.49
250x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $16.02
500x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $19.32
1000x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $21.74
2500x @ 16pt Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish – Color(f)/Color(b) = $30.12
*All prices above do not reflect shipping costs.

I would like to get these ordered hopefully within the next 2 weeks, so the sooner you let me know the better, thanks! Then you can hand these out like hotcakes!



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