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Archive for May 30, 2011

New Dogleg Biz Card Concept

Posted by randomtiz

I know I mentioned to a few of you that I was wanting to get some Dogleg business cards made. I’m thinking about getting 1000 of these printed up and distributing them amongst you guys to then hand out. So this is what I came up with over the weekend. The top image would be the front of the card, and the bottom would be the back. I’m thinking full color on the front and possibly just black/white on the back as opposed to full color–depending on the price difference.

What do you guys think? Do you think it has enough info on it? Should I add anything else?


Front and Back concept for the biz card

Memorial Day Makeshift Hole on Watts Bar

Posted by randomtiz

It’s been a wonderful, Memorial Day weekend thus far. I’m up here in TN at my grandparent’s lakehouse with all of my family in town. I brought my DGA portable disc target with me on the trip and it sure made for an afternoon of fun yesterday. The property here and surrounding lots made for a great, technical hole layout. There’s lot of strategically placed trees, sheds,  dog pens, and houses to contend with for the planning of this 1-hole course. With lots of distance from the road to the water’s edge, I had a bit to work with. I placed the target in an open grassy area some 100 ft from the waterfront. Oh by the way, since the neighbors weren’t here, I took full advantage of their open lawn for much of the fairway. We were teeing off to the side of the neighbors’ house that led to a long straight shot to the pin. The first maybe 200 ft was wide open, but required narrow aim to feed it through the tree openings past this point. Once you got past this line of defense, the rest of the trees leading to the hole were scattered. Ideal to keep it low and have it turn over and roll if at all possible. With rocks, stumps and other grassy mounds in play, rollers made for interesting and unpredictable shots. In total, I’m guessing the hole was around 400 ft and slightly downhill. Skillful Par 3 at that considering all the random “lake” obstacles; it was actually a lot of fun until it lasted. We’d switch up where we teed off from so that we had different gaps where we could throw through the trees. An hour or so later, the neighbors returned, so we picked up and left. Maybe next time. Good times playing disc golf with family.




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