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Don’t Fake the Funk. . . .

Posted by mojoe4u

. . .on a nasty dunk.  Shaq’s wise adage from his much exalted Reebok commercial certainly rings true on my experience with #15 at North Jasper Park – 42 foot putt for par on that bad boy.  Not too shabby for the guy that has yet to even make a birdie on this course.

I met up with Stephen and Jeremiah early in the morning this past Sunday for our outing before they began their North Alabama disc golf tour.  We started a little after 9 and there was no one on the course before we began or after we finished – sweet action.  Stephen and I tied at 3 over and Jeremiah finished at 5 over.  Not bad for a day’s work; especially when you’ve broken a sweat before stepping up to the first tee box.

Morning Highlights

  • Random pair of fitness shorts sitting on the park bench adjacent to parking lot
  • Deserted course
  • Dead raccoon was gone – Stephen and Jeremiah watched one of the neighborhood dogs chewing on it Saturday afternoon.  Apparently it was the same dog that a week prior planted himself in the middle of a nearby driveway and proceeded to go to town on himself for at least half an hour

Morning Disappointments

  • Still no birdie for this guy
  • Tied with same score as last week
  • Pine trees were knocking discs down like it was going out of style

In case you haven’t noticed, the dates of my last few postings have been somewhat irregular – like a week or two between them.  Due to the recent tornado/high wind damage on the family property, I have been pretty much out of the game running a chainsaw for the last few weeks (and many more weeks to come).  Combine this with me living in 1912 (yes, Stephen, I am a little behind on the technology curve) and there will be a few inconsistencies in my posts. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy running a chainsaw but I’d also be much happier maneuvering an early 90’s Chris-Craft with Roxette’s “Dangerous” playing in the background and accompanied by some overzealous dancers that hail from the Mississippi Delta.

Everyone needs a goal in life.

– joe

New Dogleg Biz Card Concept

Posted by randomtiz

I know I mentioned to a few of you that I was wanting to get some Dogleg business cards made. I’m thinking about getting 1000 of these printed up and distributing them amongst you guys to then hand out. So this is what I came up with over the weekend. The top image would be the front of the card, and the bottom would be the back. I’m thinking full color on the front and possibly just black/white on the back as opposed to full color–depending on the price difference.

What do you guys think? Do you think it has enough info on it? Should I add anything else?


Front and Back concept for the biz card

Memorial Day Makeshift Hole on Watts Bar

Posted by randomtiz

It’s been a wonderful, Memorial Day weekend thus far. I’m up here in TN at my grandparent’s lakehouse with all of my family in town. I brought my DGA portable disc target with me on the trip and it sure made for an afternoon of fun yesterday. The property here and surrounding lots made for a great, technical hole layout. There’s lot of strategically placed trees, sheds,  dog pens, and houses to contend with for the planning of this 1-hole course. With lots of distance from the road to the water’s edge, I had a bit to work with. I placed the target in an open grassy area some 100 ft from the waterfront. Oh by the way, since the neighbors weren’t here, I took full advantage of their open lawn for much of the fairway. We were teeing off to the side of the neighbors’ house that led to a long straight shot to the pin. The first maybe 200 ft was wide open, but required narrow aim to feed it through the tree openings past this point. Once you got past this line of defense, the rest of the trees leading to the hole were scattered. Ideal to keep it low and have it turn over and roll if at all possible. With rocks, stumps and other grassy mounds in play, rollers made for interesting and unpredictable shots. In total, I’m guessing the hole was around 400 ft and slightly downhill. Skillful Par 3 at that considering all the random “lake” obstacles; it was actually a lot of fun until it lasted. We’d switch up where we teed off from so that we had different gaps where we could throw through the trees. An hour or so later, the neighbors returned, so we picked up and left. Maybe next time. Good times playing disc golf with family.



Daps for the WordPress iPhone App!

Posted by randomtiz

On the go and want something to show? Don’t wait til you reach a computer, post live and straight from the course! There’s been several times when I could not wait to get home to post to tell everybody about an awesome shot I had/made. Well guys, I recommend downloading the WordPress app for your iPhone. This handy free app lets you keep track of multiple blogs, upload pictures, read and write comments and posts all straight from your phone to the Dogleg Disc Golf blog! Very easy to use; I think its interface actually is a little more user-friendly than this. Try it out!

My latest post, “Dogleg Custom (Illustrated) Stamp” was done all from that app. Uploaded the pic from it too, cool!


Dogleg Custom (Illustrated) Stamp

Posted by randomtiz

Eventually, I hope to one day get the Dogleg logo custom stamped on some blank discs for us to give out/sell. But for now, I’m going to hand draw it on a few of mine. I may have to do it on a couple of my Star discs, because it didn’t show up too well on this Leopard. This was first run with it.



Closest to the Pin (CTP)

Posted by holeinone08

Setting: Around 8:15 p.m.
Place: TC Jester DGC a.k.a. “The Jester”

The evening was cooling down a bit from it’s muggy high of 93. The afternoon breeze had stalled to a whisper. League play was wrapping up and the CTP was shaping up nicely with a few participants anxiously awaiting their chance. A chance for glory, a chance for retribution of the days losses in skins, or just a chance to shank a disc into the street at a 65 degree angle to the tee. Nonetheless, all awaiting their time in the fading sun while their fellow man watches to see who will step up and set the bar the highest. You are now on the box, what will serve them up with today? You have decided upon a disc, in this case a red 173 g R-Pro Dart. Now what will you attempt to do with it on the 228 ft shot with two large oaks protecting the right side and another protecting the left center approach? The brain flashes to a serene s-curve gracefully slashing it’s way through the forest. It is set, throw it hard at the basket with a little hyzer and let the disc turn and find it’s way home. The disc is released and and instantly you know you hit your line as it starts its high speed turn and goes outside the trees on the right side. Next, a little dip in the rim as the spin subsides and the Dart starts to fade out and hook toward the basket. I am nervous as I watch, half expecting it to careen off a tree into the unfriendly street that awaits to eat stray discs, but it slips by and you see it hit then skate left as it cozies up to the pin. The cash is yours but more importantly so is the glory until next time.

Where’s the like button for all of Joe’s posts?

Posted by alphagenerator

– Lurker

Just add beer

Posted by curly2284


This is not the best photo but this is one of the 5 different colors koozies that everyone should get monday or Tuesday. I’m sending 10 per state. 10 to Texas 10 to Ga and iv got 10. I’ll give Joe and jeramia there’s to distribute out. I hope everyone thinks they are as cool as I do.

J-town or Bust

Posted by mojoe4u

Saturday evening rolls around and it begins; scratching of the arms, body spasms, slurred speech and uncontrolled movement of my legs.  I’m jonesing.  It’s been 2 weeks since I played and the craving has kicked in with a fury; time to call Stephen.

North Jasper Park in Jasper, AL has been on my list for a while since it has been played by the majority of the Dogleg crew and also due to its short driving distance from Birmingham.  For those of you that are unaware of where this course is located, please do not consult with Yahoo Maps or you will wind up in a random industrial park in the back water of Jasper wondering why the only vehicle in the parking lot appears to be the semi-trailer truck that was featured in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”.

I did not bring my discs with me this time (sound familiar?) and Stephen let me borrow some of his.  I was pretty stoked about this but unfortunately the only bag I could find to carry my gear was a large mesh football practice bag with my former high school’s slogan and number.  Great – throw in a gnarled hickory branch to carry it and I’m headed off to the nearest rail yard to board a box car bound for a hobo life of panhandling and malt liquor.  Aside from the bag, I was able to try out some new discs Stephen had gotten in.  The Ching Prism did not rank very high for use as a driver; I would have similar distance and flight pattern if I thawed a DiGiorno pizza and attempted to throw it.  I primarily used an Innova Monarch for a driver and after getting used to it, I was throwing it as well as the Dragon – not too shabby, but I still missed the Dragon.  Stephen finished par for the course and I finished 3 over.  Overall I greatly enjoyed this park and would definitely play it again.  Below are some highlights and also shortcomings of North Jasper Park.


  • No poison oak, few trees and essentially flat terrain – made for an easy day of tall boys and relaxation
  • There is a swimming pool adjacent to the course that was filled in with dirt and currently has a garden planted in it (ladders and other accessories still attached)
  • Regularly mown – easy to find discs if they’ve traveled off the path
  • Porta-john – few courses I’ve been to rarely have anything vaguely resembling a toilet
  • The majority of the holes are around 200 feet
  • Not many disc golf players – can leisurely enjoy each hole


  • Walkers and joggers are rampant on sidewalk throughout course – watch out!
  • Dead raccoon
  • Somewhat difficult to find if not familiar with the area or using Yahoo Maps

– joe

North jasper park me and hobojoe

Posted by curly2284

Pretty good day I finished even and Joe finished 3 over. Had a great time drank a few beers, we both made some great shots, and told some great stories. The epitome of a good day. Afterwards Joe got a tour of jasper and got to experience the excitement of our local Mexican restaurant, Pericos.

Dogleg Tees!

Posted by randomtiz

Well guys, here it is–the concept anyway. I know there’s several types of merchandise in the works that we’re looking in to getting printed. I really want us to start branding the name and think of ways to get the name out there. I will be getting business cards printed up in the next few weeks to give to you guys.

First off, I’d like to get some t-shirts made. I am open to color; but shown below is what it could look like on red or a kelly green. I’m thinking a two-color logo for the shirts to minimize on the production cost. For the front of tee I’m picturing it having the same logo, but pocket-sized.

What are you guy’s thoughts?


I’m on a boat

Posted by curly2284

I’m on a boat on the way to the bahammas. On the way to charleston allready stopped and scouted courses for when we get back in port. I’m not sure if any of y’all know this but there are not any dg courses in the bahammas. However I have my driver, mid, and putter with me. We have decided on one of the islands we are going to set up a mini course. I’ll keep ya posted….

Best yet at George Ward

Posted by curly2284

+7 Best Yet

Best yet that I have shot at George Ward. I finished 7 over and that was after a terrible start to the front nine.


Blame It On The ‘Shine

Posted by mojoe4u

As much as I would like to use the peppy yet upbeat lyrics from Milli Vanilli’s “Blame it on the Rain”, it just can’t happen.  I won’t let it; the rain isn’t to blame – only the crystal-clear, head-splitting, vomit-causing disaster known as ‘shine.  This is only a precursor for later in the story, so let’s take a recap of the weekend.

Friday evening rolls around and I’m off to meet Jeremiah at George Ward.  Stuck in traffic and 30 minutes late I finally roll into the parking lot with a handful of tall boys and an enthusiastic demeanor.  Unfortunately neither lasted very long; some d-bag intent on crushing my short-lived hopes and dreams found it amusing to change the pin location on every hole.  Even though Jeremiah and myself finished with our personal course bests (9 and 21 over respectively), I still found it necessary to mumble a steady stream of unsavory words from hole to hole.  On a side note, this was the first time to play disc golf without Stephen at my side.  And if you’re wondering, the answer is yes – I did find it a bit unsettling but still managed to pull through albeit slightly distraught.

Saturday evening and I’ve just finished a landscaping job – off to George Ward again.  I show up on time but look and smell like a prostitute from the Wild West; covered in a mulch/topsoil/funk mixture from head to toe as well an unsavory sour smell that has stayed with me since the job site.  I love it.  Stephen and Jeremiah show up shortly and the pre-game at the trunk begins; a touch of the ‘shine and BL Lime as a chaser.   Tip, sip, swallow, burn, burn, burn, repeat.  Off to a good start and my cursing from yesterday resumes though only for every other hole since I actually know where the pin locations are this time.   We were able to witness a block party going on in the parking lot and outdoor sheds beginning on #15 thru #17 that had deep bass tracks reverberating throughout the whole park.  We also saw a younger fellow under the influence of something other alcohol lose track of his disc after it hit a tree directly ahead of him, 10 yards away on #1 tee.  Good times.  At the end of the day, I finished 22 over while Stephen rocked out with a 9 over.  Perhaps the secret to his success (and maybe my demise) was the sweat producing/intestinal burning/pore permeating hooch?

– joe


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