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Can’t Believe It’s Not [a] Putter

Posted by randomtiz

I’m telling you–and Stephen can attest to this–you have to invest in a Leopard. For me, it’s the DX. Two of them to be exact.

My Leopards are so accurate and predictable, I use them from everything to fairway driver to midrange, to most used as my PUTTER. I have used these over and over and can depend on them every time. They fly fairly straight at high speeds and have a slight hyzer fade at the end. If you can get where you can predict the fade at the end on ranges of 25+ ft, you’re golden. If I’m anywhere within 100 ft. of the pin, I’m always throwing a Leopard.

My two longest ringers ever at distances of  ~ 90+ ft, were both thrown with a 166g DX Leopard. I’ve hit numerous shots from around the 30-40 ft. range with these same two Leopards. Check this out, today on three consecutive holes I rang from ~30, 25, and 18 ft respectively. Bombed the next hole, then the next hit another birdie from 32 ft. I would never play without one. Great for all experience levels. DX’s run you shy of $8, get you one. And then lets hear stories.


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