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Afternoon Delight

Posted by mojoe4u

Friday afternoon, sun blazing, disc golf tee time steadily approaching and off I go in the ‘Russian Tank’ bound for an eatery downtown to meet up with the rest of the crew.  Would anyone at the delicatessen notice the guy walking in with a backpack rattling with various accoutrements and attired in a sweat-soaked shirt?  Before I could give this much more thought, I became a spectator to the new marketing strategy of a homeless gent that decided to slap the side of an SUV while it was backing up (pretty sure this didn’t pan out for him) and also saw an anti-death rally at 5 Points that featured a person tied to a cross.   Should I take these events as some sort of omen?  I was soon able to enjoy an awesome sandwich that eventually caught up with me (not too awesome 45 minutes later) that made me sound like a gristmill thundering  it’s way from hole to hole.  Mix that in with some wine and apparently that was the secret to my success for the day.

Greg Carter Memorial DGC was the latest of the courses to conquer.  It’s around half a mile away for Poison Oak Gulch (John LeMaster DGC) and for anyone that has a can-do attitude and a pocket full of dreams, both courses can be played in a matter of hours with a driving time of less than 2 minutes.  Sweet action.  This was my 5th time to play and first time to play this course.  While there is a bit of poison oak beginning with #7 thru #16 (excluding #’s 12 & 13), it is in no shape or fashion a disaster area like the other course (still carrying Benadryl cream and a grudge from weekend prior).  #’s 14 thru 17 are hazardous – the road is precariously close to the holes, so watch for traffic.

I had my longest putt (between 60 – 70 feet) and also my longest drive (unfortunately onto neighboring baseball field).   I am still using one of my Carson Classics (Pig) as my putter and the Dragon has been a champ on the drives.  I observed possibly the longest drive with a Beast by Stephen – 3 to 4 football field lengths at a 45º degree angle straight into the woods; the Beast was never heard from again.  The results of the game are as follows:  J.T. in the lead, Jeremiah in second and I tied for third with Stephen.

Had a great time and hope to see the rest of the crew soon.

– joe

Gregory Carter, Shorter but Harder

Posted by randomtiz

What a Good Friday it was. After a successful morning round at North Jasper DGC, Stephen and I drove to Trussville to meet up with some friends to play course 2 of Civitan Park. Last weekend we played the first course, John LeMaster; this weekend it was the second, Gregory Carter Memorial DGC.

If you like heavily wooded courses, and the difficulty, check out Gregory Carter Memorial DGC. This is a very short course–with holes averaging around ~215 ft.–but the thick foliage, abundance of trees, and dogleg pin positions make it a tricky and technical course. There’s only a few holes where you can really release a beast of a throw. But the majority of the holes are thick through the woods with tighter fairways and require strategic, shorter throws. The Cahaba and large rock formations are factors on a few holes of the front 9 that you’ll have to keep in mind.

Overall, a fun and challenging, technical course. Bring your short game. This course really tests your accuracy and placement.

*TIPS: Bring a good mid-range disc. They may work to your advantage on these shorter holes which require more accurate/straighter throws. Keep your throws low. Much of the front 9 is on slanted hillsides. So if your disc catches an edge, expect it to roll …and roll …and roll down the hill. Expect to chase at least one downhill.


Dropped 4 and Still Ended in Best

Posted by randomtiz

I just had my record round from the Blue Tees at Oregon Park tonight–finishing -1! It was pretty packed when we got there, so we played the back 9 first. OK so get this, I was -5 going into the last two holes…and freakin’ blew it! I tripled, then bogeyed the last two holes which brought me up to -1. It could’ve been a really awesome round, but hey, I’m not complaining. Just wanted to punch a few trees, that’s all. Ha but no, pleased with the round.


Oregon Park (old course) – Blue Tees

New course in Hoover

Posted by curly2284

Joe actually sent me the link to the info about this course so I wanted to share it with everyone. This makes me extremely exhited this will make 4 18 hole courses in birmingham alone.

It’s official! New Course in Hoover!

DGB has received official confirmation that we’re ready to get started on Birmingham Metro’s newest course! This project has been in the works for well over a year and has finally cleared the last few hurdles to start work.

With the land provided by the City of Hoover, DGB has been tasked with installing a championship level disc golf course at the “Inverness Nature Park”. The Inverness Nature Park is a tract of land located only three miles south/east of the 459/280 interchange. The park is mostly wooded with a few open areas, rolling hills, and some water. Initial plans for the park include parking, benches & trash cans with future plans to include restrooms and a pavilion.

With the available land, we’re expecting a championship level course that will play Par 60+ from the Pro tees! Initial estimates have the Pro tees at almost 8,000′, for comparison George Ward is 5,600′! Am tees will be similar in length to George Ward but will provide additional challenges with wooded fairways and elevation.

DGB will be providing the baskets, signs, and course design for this project and we’re going to need sponsors! Sponsorship opportunities will include graphics and other information on tee-signs and baskets. If you know of any businesses that would like to support our course in Hoover please let me know.


Can’t Believe It’s Not [a] Putter

Posted by randomtiz

I’m telling you–and Stephen can attest to this–you have to invest in a Leopard. For me, it’s the DX. Two of them to be exact.

My Leopards are so accurate and predictable, I use them from everything to fairway driver to midrange, to most used as my PUTTER. I have used these over and over and can depend on them every time. They fly fairly straight at high speeds and have a slight hyzer fade at the end. If you can get where you can predict the fade at the end on ranges of 25+ ft, you’re golden. If I’m anywhere within 100 ft. of the pin, I’m always throwing a Leopard.

My two longest ringers ever at distances of  ~ 90+ ft, were both thrown with a 166g DX Leopard. I’ve hit numerous shots from around the 30-40 ft. range with these same two Leopards. Check this out, today on three consecutive holes I rang from ~30, 25, and 18 ft respectively. Bombed the next hole, then the next hit another birdie from 32 ft. I would never play without one. Great for all experience levels. DX’s run you shy of $8, get you one. And then lets hear stories.


Cahaba Flow, Pints to Go and Suited-up Joe

Posted by randomtiz

John LeMaster Hole #2 - Death Rocks

Ahh man what a weekend! So yet again, another big disc golf weekend. This time, Birmingham for Tim’s wedding. I want to thank Robin (you’re awesome) for allowing Tim to make it out to play disc golf the day after the wedding. So Sunday it is and all the guys from the bachelor party are in town ready to play. We had a couple of hours to kill before the Talladega race ended and before Jason had to catch his flight. So why not a round of disc golf, right? Great choice.

This was the first time I’ve played at the John LeMaster’s DGC and only the second course I’ve played in Birmingham. After throwing my disc into the Cahaba on Hole #1 and tripping over huge boulders and being approached by a feral cat on Hole #2, I was beginning to rethink what the heck I doing here. Then I took a drink of my Imperial Red and realized I was here with a great group of guys and what an adventure this was about to be.

John LeMaster DGC has some intensely, traverse fairways and tight spots. The majority of the pin locations are visible as straight shots from the tee box. However, welcome to big fields full of tall, unforgiving trees. There’s a few holes that are extremely tight and narrow with lots of hungry foliage and what seemed like, booby-trapped mine fields full of sharp, jagged rocks and empty creek beds. When searching for your misguided disc here, be sure to watch your footing as there are many sharp rocks and big drop-offs down to creek beds–not to mention the poison oak flooded down several of the wooded fairways.

This course is very challenging and a great choice for anyone looking to step it up to the next level. This course also has a few interesting pin locations–such as a long dogleg hole with a pin set back on a narrow trail in a shrubbery ‘cave’. This course also has pretty high grass. I’m not sure how often it gets cut, but can be difficult to find your disc after a long throw or either after ricocheting one off 3 trees. I would certainly like to come back and play this course again, and to finish it for that matter. We ended after 11 in order to get Jason back to the airport in time for his flight.

Great weekend you guys! We must do this again; another day, another city, another course.

LeMaster Tip: *Bring extra discs. Use neon ones. Good luck; you’ll need it.


Our group (L to R), Jason, Tim, Joe, Stephen and myself (not pictured)

Dressed to Impress

Posted by mojoe4u

Note to self:  always have a spare set of clothing on hand.  You may drive a Wrangler and the clothing will probably become moldy and foul-smelling after a short length of time, but at least have the option.   I also came to a harsh realization after playing on Sunday evening; much to my amazement and utter disbelief, it is not always awe-inspiring to have your rugged chest hair exposed.  Why you ask?  Because the whole time you’re traipsing around the course looking like some d-bag in a JC Penney advertisement, you’re thinking about that undershirt you could have worn during the wedding and then later be clad in it as your outer garment the following day.  Case in point – Captain Awesome is wearing the striped button up with khakis followed by some thick-soled Wellingtons and played two courses in this ensemble.  At least I left the jacket in the vehicle.  I love it.

Prior to playing this day (third time I’ve played), the only discs in my possession were 2 drivers.  Wish I could have played them but unfortunately they were at home with my spare clothing.

Course #1 after the wedding was at Civitan Park (John LeMaster DGC) in Trussville including Tim, Jason, JT, Stephen and me.  This was the third time for me to play and first time to play this course.  Due to different departure times, only 12 of these holes were conquered.  I really enjoyed this course because it didn’t seem heavily populated thus making it more convenient by not having anyone needing to play through.  Seriously, I think there were maybe a dozen people there at most including ourselves (especially on a nice afternoon – weird).  This course boasted a wide assortment of flora that included a robust amount of poison oak; be careful picking up your disc and try to hold that deuce until you get back to civilization.   So what did I learn about this course you may ask?  Out of the holes we did play, #2 was a heart/leg breaker – if you don’t fall on the rocks or fling a disc in the privet/poison oak medley then you must be a straight up champ.  It is also a good idea to watch out for people chillin’ in or around the shores of the Cahaba on #6 thru #11.  We may have been witnesses to a baptism.  With my aim it is only a matter of time until someone inadvertently places themselves into my line of fire.  Overall this course was fun as hell and would really like play it again at a later date.  Much appreciation to Stephen and Jason – I can now play a game without having a driver as the only disc – Thanks guys!

Course #2 after the wedding was at George Ward Park in Birmingham with Stephen, Jeremiah and me.  This was my second time to play this course and fourth time to play.  We not only played 18 but also the ‘extra’ 6 between #14 & #15.   I had a 76 at the end of the 18 not counting A thru F.  Sweet action.  This course is great to play but can get rather crowded – at least there are some patient folks in this ‘neck of the woods’ that are able to put up with my driving shenanigans and not send a disc in the direction of my face like I am mistakenly doing to players on other holes.

Greg Carter Memorial DGC next – nice. . . . . .I am also up to 5 discs – score. . . .

I had a great time catching up with everyone this weekend and hope we can do it all again soon – Vegas anyone?

– joe

Yay! Finally joined!

Posted by carsonce

Guys, I had a blast yesterday, despite my terrible putting yet again.

I got home last night and I had a package from with my new bag and 4 new discs.  I’m hoping my new voodoo ss (putter number 4) will be the difference maker.


Best round in Jasper

Posted by curly2284

Yesterday I got off work and it was a beutiful day. Sun was out it was warm almost no wind. My wife wasn’t gonna be home till around 8. I decided if I went home I was gonna just sit around the house so I decided to go play 18 at North Jasper Park by myself. Glad I did, had a great round finished -1 for day and almost aced 5 it hit the basket and then rolled to bottom of hill. Real easy toss in. If i could have putted a little better it would have been even a better round. All the bogies were me missing putts.


My first 90 footer

Posted by curly2284

This is my first 90 foot approach shot the arrow is pointing at the basket. Had to throw around two trees and CHING. It was absolutley awesome. This was done at John Lemaster dgc in trussville. This was hole 7. Done with my champion leopard.


Par….you be the judge

Posted by holeinone08

So this is my par attempt on a long par three #6 TC Jester. My witness was Robin and I was trying to be a bad @$$ and rip it in from 17 ft. As you can see I was low. Has anyone else had this happen and what is the ruling, par or gimme bogey? I am biased but I think it is a par. This has to be pretty rare. One more reason I love my DX Aviar.

Chasing another 90+ footer?

Posted by randomtiz

Yes, I said it. Justin and I hit up White Oak Park this morning in Dallas for a round of disc golf. I’m liking the earlier a.m. hours—less crowd and faster play. So anyway, we get to Hole #10 and my approach shot catches a sidewind and gets carried way off track. Up in the woods on the hill, I’m some odd 90+ ft away from the basket. Basket’s barely visible, and my only likely option is to hook it around the trees. This is to save Par. Backhanded my Leopard high and to the left. Hooks around and caChing! We both walked off the distance; it was at least 90. This was the same disc that I hit the other ~90 footer from two weeks ago. Solid disc. Get you a Leopard.

White Oak Park #10

Where I was standing when it went in.


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