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Flickin’ Birdies

Posted by randomtiz

I’ve been experimenting with different forehand/backhand throws and gradually getting better at each. But one of the most crucial aspects of the game is being able to have a stellar short game.

I live almost 20 min from the nearest course, so getting out there and practicing my putts often wasn’t always the easiest option. Lately I’ve had numerous shots land within the 25-40 ft range after a long drive. Although luckily I’ve managed to sink a few of those, most of them I’ve missed pretty badly (I’m not one to always lay up, I like to go for it.) So i figured this is the area i need the most work.

I tried setting up make-shift goals consisting of large water buckets, laundry baskets and even fertilizer carts. They worked for what they were, but I was missing out on the “ching”!

After researching for a few weeks online for different disc golf targets, I came across the DGA Mach Lite basket. I was looking for something that had really good reviews, portable, and of course affordable. This was just that. I ordered it off Amazon for right around $150 w/ free shipping. It got here within a week and sets up within 5 min! It looks way better in person than it did online. It’s legit and sturdy. Regulation size but does have thinner, lighter-weight chains than the regulation baskets do. I’ve thrown at it a good bit already and the chains seem to stop it every time. I have had one throw that went all the way through, but that’s it. Highly recommended. Comes in red or blue and has a flag that attaches to the top. Get you one and you’ll be flickin’ in birdie shots from 25+ ft away in no time!



My new DGA Mach Lite target

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