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Innova Birdie for Sale/Trade ($3)

Posted by randomtiz

Birdie putter

I have an Innova Thumtrac Birdie 175g that I’m looking to sell or trade for. I’ve had it for a few years but rarely throw it anymore. I would give this putter a 3.5/5 on the condition scale. It has a normal amount of scuffs on it, but hardly any dings. Now, I mostly ‘putt’ with an old Leopard and have no need for this one anymore. Let me know if you’re interested.

Condition description:
5 = Nearly perfect (only thrown a few times)
4 = Very lightly used (One or two minor dings or scuffs)
3 = Normal used (normal amount of dings or surface scuffs, will look like most discs people have in their bag).
2 = Moderately Used (a couple larger dings/scratches and/or a slight misshape)
1 = Heavily Used (disc has seen a lot of use but still has some life left in it)


Ace……not quite.

Posted by holeinone08

Picture of my drive on a 233 footer.  I set myself up for a nice little birdie but I thought I had more. The JLS is my original driver and it is finding it’s way out of the bag more and more nowadays when I need a 170 to 240 straight shot. After coming back to it I seem to have the S-curve figured out.JLS my "Millenium Falcon"

[One] Under the Sunset

Posted by randomtiz

Finished my best round ever at the old Oregon Park course. I was -2 going into #18 then flubbed it through the trees. Finished out -1 from the back Blues. Great weather, minus the snake in the creek.



“Im in love with a…….. Leopard?”

Posted by curly2284

Im relatively new to the game of disc golf. So I have just recently got comfortable with my swing and controlling my throws. But the one thing I have noticed with myself and others if you are comfortable with a disc you generally are a better golfer. My Innova leopard is that disc. It is the only disc in my collection that I can grab and throw. As soon as it leaves my hand I know exactly where its going. The confidence that gives you cant be summed up in words.

I now own three leopards. Thats right T H R E E.  I have the first leopard I bought, which was a 175 dx. This is the disc that started it. In the beginning it was the only disc that I could throw straight. My new favorite is a 169 champion leopard. With it if I am less than 220 feet its getting thrown. I usually and pretty dang close with it. This is also the only disc that I can hyzer or anhyzer on command. For a backhanded newb thats saying alot. My newest is a 171 star leopard, I love the feel of it but I havnt actually played with it. Thats gonna happen very shortly though cant wait to get out with it.

If you dont have a leopard in your bag I suggest borrowing from a buddy or go out and by one and throw it around youll be happy with it. Then you could be hitting 80 ft birdy shots like tiz.

3 Courses, 3 Cities, 1 Afternoon and a 90+ ft. Ringer

Posted by randomtiz

I’m still exhausted and aching from last weekend’s disc golf adventures. This past Sunday, Justin and I got in 54 holes of disc golf in a matter of one afternoon/eve. We played 3 different courses in 3 different cities–a little DG course tour if you will. Living in the ATL metro area, we are fortunate to have quite a range of courses within an hour or so’s radius. Sunday noon we started at Sequoyah Park in Canton, GA. I’d played there once before and didn’t too so hot, so I wanted to give it another shot. My score?… Add another stroke to my previous round there. Sequoyah’s a mostly wooded course which I haven’t been used to.

After we finished up at Sequoyah, we drove about 12 mi. southeast to Alpharetta to hit up Wills Park. First time to play this course, it’s now one of my favs so far. Wills Park has an even mix of open and wooded fairways. The back 9 are by far the hardest, being through thick wooded areas of the park. Both Justin and I shot fairly well here considering first time to the area. We get to #18, its 320 ft to the basket. My first two shots are terrible–the second shot landing in the creek bed. Here I am ~90 ft. from the basket shooting for par. Using a Leopard 166g, I let it rip up and to the left. Watching it as its flying towards the basket, I knew this would going to be hella close. Then… caCHING, the chains rattle and it lands right dead center of the basket. Hah PAR from 90+ ft! That’s the furthest I’ve hit one from yet. It was ridiculous. The pic below was taken from where I threw it from. Finished up +7 at Wills Park.

With still 3 hours to spare of daylight left, we had to play one more round somewhere else. We drove another 8 mi. south to East Roswell Park in Roswell. We’d each played once before but its by far the most difficult course we’d ever played. Playing from the back black tees, its a very tough course through thick woods with very narrow fairways in some spots. Started off alright, then went downhill from there. I think I finished up some +13 over. A lot better than the first time I played there, but still need improvement. Overall, good weather and a great weekend to be out playing. Looking forward to this weekend with two more courses.


Spot where I was standing when I hit my ~90 + ft. shot.

Flickin’ Birdies

Posted by randomtiz

I’ve been experimenting with different forehand/backhand throws and gradually getting better at each. But one of the most crucial aspects of the game is being able to have a stellar short game.

I live almost 20 min from the nearest course, so getting out there and practicing my putts often wasn’t always the easiest option. Lately I’ve had numerous shots land within the 25-40 ft range after a long drive. Although luckily I’ve managed to sink a few of those, most of them I’ve missed pretty badly (I’m not one to always lay up, I like to go for it.) So i figured this is the area i need the most work.

I tried setting up make-shift goals consisting of large water buckets, laundry baskets and even fertilizer carts. They worked for what they were, but I was missing out on the “ching”!

After researching for a few weeks online for different disc golf targets, I came across the DGA Mach Lite basket. I was looking for something that had really good reviews, portable, and of course affordable. This was just that. I ordered it off Amazon for right around $150 w/ free shipping. It got here within a week and sets up within 5 min! It looks way better in person than it did online. It’s legit and sturdy. Regulation size but does have thinner, lighter-weight chains than the regulation baskets do. I’ve thrown at it a good bit already and the chains seem to stop it every time. I have had one throw that went all the way through, but that’s it. Highly recommended. Comes in red or blue and has a flag that attaches to the top. Get you one and you’ll be flickin’ in birdie shots from 25+ ft away in no time!



My new DGA Mach Lite target

First post! – Dogleg Roots

Posted by randomtiz

Welcome to Dogleg Disc Golf! I’m very new to this whole blogging thing so please bear with me. Dogleg Disc Golf is an idea I had a few months ago about one of my new favorite hobbies. I came up with the name and thought it had a nice lil ring to it. So I checked GoDaddy, and sure enough, it was available. So I purchased it not really knowing what I wanted to do with it for the time-being. Maybe an online store one day, but for now it will most likely be my disc golf blog and/or forum amongst some of my closest friends.

Several of my friends have really gotten into disc golf over the past few months to a year. We talk about it all the time and discuss our round scores and favorites discs. So why not put it all online? My first idea I was thinking about creating a group on Facebook where we could upload pics, scores, and chat about the sport. Then I was thinking if we went online with it–like a forum–we could potentially reach a broader audience. Eventually even getting to where lots more users could discuss different topics and reviews of everything disc golf.

So like I said, this is just the beginning. Not sure where it will eventually lead, but for now it will be a blog until I can figure this forum stuff out and get that going. This blog will start by being the home of some of my round stories, disc and course reviews. Let me know if you have any ideas, I’m open!



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